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Sunday, 30 November 2008


I am still at it! hubby made a deal with me that I can switch the comp on once I done 10, so I have done 11, found all those christmas raks I made back in june yippee, some people would rather an atc! thankfully, so that now leaves me with 16 more to make, and I am bushed, and so fed up of snow, and flakes, and glitter, and santa, and presents, and candy canes, and all things christmas card!
A roll of double sided tape gone lol, my bin is overflowing, I have 3d foam pad backings and glamour dust everywhere!!!!, black embossing powder and scraps of card and paper, gees it looks like a papercraft bomb has gone off!.
Having a 5 min break, gonna go back and tidy a bit as I honestly cannot see my desk, which has broken again, so I am balancing my knee under it as I make, lol, will deffo have to get a new one in the new year.
Next year I am taking on the role of SCROOGE!!! lol, Hope you are all enjoying your sunday.x


TeresaW said...

Hello Joey, it sounds as though you need a holiday from crafts, because you've overdone your crafts for the holidays. Tee Hee.

By the way, I have updated my blog address to could you update your SBS23 bookmark so you can find me again?

Many thanks

The Crafty Goat Girl said...

Wow what a Sunday! My desk is the same, unbalanced, wobbly and full of goodies to make into cards, hope you manage to get them done. After a month of feeling rotten, poorly kids etc., I now have a chest infect, yippee!! Must get my cards done when I get some energy back. Your not scrooge, your just like me, would rather spend the money on craft products, ha ha xxxx

Crafting Joanne said...

You sound so very busy Joey, what a relief it will be for you when they are all done.
I have something over on my blog for you. Joanne x

Anonymous said...

Hi Joey, wow you really do sound super busy. Can I have some of your energy. lol
You have been tagged, details are on my blog.
Erin x