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Sunday, 30 November 2008

Oh MY Good Gosh!!!

I have just sat and sorted out the cards, thinking oh I only have a few more to do! I like them all done before the 1st then I know thats it, but OH NO! I still got 35 to make in a day yeah right, so I bid you farewell till they are done!!!! eeeek, I am so not impressed. One of my friends on facebook had her status as:- " why do I do all the stressing about christmas and santa gets all the credit" well how true is that!!!
So I will be up with the lark YES SUE I WILL, and I will not will not will not switch the comp on till I am done, hmmmm we will see lol.
Still no ds, hmmmmm I am begining to really stress about that, I cant afford to replace it just now what with christmas and my daughters birthday a week after, so I am not happy over it! its deffo not here.
So off I toddle to bed for 40winks before it all starts again. nighty nite. x
Have a fabby Sunday everyone :O)

1 comment:

Sue said...

Morning hun,
so you won#t see this cause your busy working!! So if i fone you NOW you be be up?? lol yea right!! Chat later