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Sunday, 30 November 2008

Another Award

How chuffed am I!!! Thankyou so much to Joanne you have made my miserable weekend end on such a happy note! huge huggies, you can go see Joannes blog here:- now have to pass this award on to 10 other bloggers, every blog I have listed on my blog lists, and every blog I have visited is worthy of this award, and its hard to pass it onto just 10 bloggers. But I have picked 10:-

1: Sue :- my gosh does sue make me laugh out lol when reading her blog

2: Mandi :- as I dont think Mandi realises how good her work is!

3: Debbie :- Debbie has the most glorious card designs

4: Linda :- Linda is one of the friendliest bloggers I have been lucky enough to come into contact with her cards are amazing too!

5: Lesley :- Like Linda, Lesley is another blogger who is so friendly and has gorgeous cards, thanks for the friendship :O)

6: Ila :- Ila's blog is so inspiring!

7: Nicks :- as nicks is really just that cool!!!! and started me off blogging!

8: Dawn :- Dawn is another lady I have been lucky enough to come into contact with and her cards are just fabulous

9: Chris :- Chris has the most inspirational card ideas!

10: AND YOU! you all have cool blogs, I love hopping, I love to leave comments, I thankyou for the inspiration,the giggles and the friendship :O)

hope none of you mind me awarding you with this.x


Andrea said...

Hi Joey - I followed you from the comment you left on my blog. I loved all your cards, can I ask what stamp you have used for the teachers gifts boxes and bookmarks? It looks like just the head from a lady wearing a hat?

Andrea xx

Sue said...

aww hun thank you, so it not me card that impress you!! lol, i can live with that. now if i do this i sorry it be the same peeps! hehehe. i honoured hun thank you

Dawn said...

Aww Joey
Thanks so much I love it!

I Wuv Yoooo!!! LOL


Ila said...

Thank you so much for this lovely Award Joey....I'm so pleased!! I love your blog too!!...Hugs, Ila

Chris said...

Thanks so much for the lovely award and your wonderful words Joey, you made my day! I love your blog, your always make me smile when I visit. I can't believe you are in the process of 35 Christmas cards, crikey, good luck with it or go and buy a box (sshh!) LOL! Thanks again for the sweet award. Chris x

Debbie said...

Hi Joey, just wanted to say thank you so much for the beautiful award. I will put it on my blog today. Debbie x