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Friday, 18 July 2008


My mum asked me to make a card for twin girls, i said when do you want it for mum?, she said well they were born 2 weeks ago! lol, asap then! so heres what i came up with, i did originally pull out pink cardstock and cut a pink sizzix frame then i decided i didnt want to do what i usually do! hmmmmm any one who knows me well, will know the crackle glaze is blurred and smudged, why?! cos i dont do patient, but i think it works ok, i actually quite like it all together, i realised then that i have no baby stamps other than this bunny, but hmmmm not sure if i want to splash out on baby images when there is so much more on offer! lol. so just hope it is ok, if not i think i will keep it for when someone i know has twin girls, it might never get sent! but i like it so i dont mind!. i think thats what my issue was the other day, in wanting different i think i have finally come to the end of cute, not permantely, i mean they could work well together with this sort of style so i think thats what i shall try to do. anyways, the hearts are sizzix and i painted them and covered them with utee, crackle glaze i used a darkish purple colour and mixed a sort of cream colour for the top layer, and the bunny is a magnolia stamp i used whispers pens to colour them, the letters are sizzlitt letters and i chalked over them, the mistake was the glue picked up the chalk and made it blotchy oh dear! but i think it passes due to the whole feel of the card, and the fact i just could not be bothered to stand cutting more letters out!

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Nicks said...

end of cute??
Music to my ears LOL xxx
It's a fab card Joey, I love it!