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Tuesday, 24 June 2008


I was trying to have a playful day and remember some techniques i have used but have seemed to forgot!

This one happened a little by accident and i am really pleased with how he has ended up, i began using utee on an atc base then realised i had nothing under it and thought i'd cover it up with acrylic, well when i heated it, it gave a slightly different effect, which i really love and very textured too! i then added a few bits and bobs onto it, sian has used mesh stuck into utee and i really liked the way that looked so i followed sians lead on that and added a bit to the bottom. i had a very thin sheet of metal and stamped it and roughly doodled with an embossing tool on the bottom, i really like him!

This next one i had collage in mind, and i have a stamp which has so much potential if the imagination is there! i tried to make this clay mask a little different and covered it in book page scraps with pva, i used some ink to cover it and the background, i stuck parts of her body on the cardboard domino and i am not sure why i used red! i have called her flower girl.


Trudy said...

fantastic all of them

duckface said...

totally and utterly awesome job

Sian said...

I love all of these, especially the flower one.