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Friday, 20 June 2008

Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas

Had to go and collect a parcel today, with some stamps in it, cept i havent tried any of the other stamps i got as i got a bit carried away with making christmas raks, i know its june! but still it may make me prepared for this year.(doubtful)
i really like this santa image and think it may just end up on my christmas cards too, made 10 today but am quite pleased with them all!
Will santa bring me a whole stash of alcohol inks for christmas if i am really good? I am totally amazed by these tiny little bottles, i love the effects they give, i love using them and need more! my gold mixative came today so everything has a touch of gold, i also got some memory glass and played it safe with this i embossed it, WARNING: DO NOT PICK IT UP JUST AFTER HEATING, IT IS GLASS IT WILL BURN YOU! lesson well and truly learnt!


My name is CINDY...... said...

Oooh Joey, you are organised.

duckface said...

joey it all looks like you ahead of the game and they are all fabby so can i place my order with you for say 150 xmas cards please lol

joey said...

no deffo not taking any orders! lol, shop is shut!.xxx

DF - Heidi said...

oohhh is that early closing for christmas then......... mmmmmm now who am i going to have to find to make my christmas cards now lol