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Wednesday, 2 July 2008

busy busy

I have recently discovered crafty indivduals, and i am in stamp heaven! i love their designs!!! this one is called i think i am alone now, and i didnt think nothing more of the words until last night in bed, it might seem a little "off" but it was not my intention. Wow have had time to craft away to my hearts content i love weeks like this!, the weather is cooler today which pleases me somewhat!so heres my plays!
so i got a butterfly stamp, another one! i didnt think i liked butterflies but the more i use them the more i feel quite drawn to the images, think i am a little addicted!
following on with those alcohol inks, which i think give me a headache when i use them, but i used them on vellum, i am quite impressed with how they look on vellum so got carried away with that too!this one i stamped the image on and used utee over the top of it, then i added the wings on again with paper, and then again with acetate, i am pleased with this one!

I know i worry too much, but i was browsing some galleries which inspire me and realised i have loads of stamps others have, but that i have used them in the same colour combos or i have used the same layout or something! but i just wanted to say anything i see and i try i always note who i got the idea from and mention them, this copyright thing, as much as i think its right it does play on my mind, off me box now!


this slide mailer is for pbird, i posted it a few days ago so hopefully it is safe to uload it now! i am pleased with this one, and i love this stamp!!!!!!!!!
I am trying to remember what i did!, i sliced open the mailer and covered the whole lot in alcohol inks. i decided on using just the girl and butterflies from the stamp, and to make like a story up, so the front is once upon a time, i stamped the girl on to memory glass and turned her the wrong way, that was planned! lol, i covered the front in utee and stamped into it with some diamond backgroun, i used the dynmo to do the words, the butterfly i stamped onto some cardstock, and added a gem, the tassel i added as in the effect of a bookmark, i hope that all to carry the story through i had to think of something quite small and to relate to the image, so i went with "once upon a time, lived a little girl called paula, she gre up to be, a talented artist" short and sweet i thought, and true as paulas work is amazing! i stamped the girl on to cardstock cut around her and positioned the words around her, i again stamped the background with the diamond image. I used mesh and stuck the words weaving in it, i used some gems and i stuck memory glass over the top of this.I knew i wanted to use fp somewhere on this, but thought i would ruin what i have done, so i saved it for the back!, i love this mesh in fp idea, which i saw from sian, and thought that it would fit well. so thats my story! lol, just hope paula likes it as much as i do!


PBird said...

No I dont like it I LOVE it! I really do. I can honestly say that the piccies dont even do it justice, it is brilliant!! Thank you Joey, as always your lovely work is obviously made with attention and time and it shows!! LOVE IT x

PBird said...

Everything on here is brill you know! I like crafty individuals stamps too :) I've left a surprise on my blog for you xx

Sian said...

These are all great, especially the mailer.

PS. There's something on my blog for you.

Artyfax said...

HI Joey, I agree with your other commenters, there is so much really good stuff on here, I will be adding you to my favourites on technorati. - John

My name is CINDY...... said...

This is gorgeous Joey, as is all your stuff. I seem to remember we were going to have a challenge, so let me know anytime you fancy a little more 'I dare you'.
Cindy x