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Friday, 22 May 2009


Hi everyone, I now know everyone is suffering with this blogger/internet explorer issue, Another blogger suggested firefox and I have installed it and hit many blogs with no abort operation, no shutting down I didnt comment as I just wanted to test it out so far so good, which is good stuff I hope it carrys on with no issues, heres the link I used Firefox even if this is just temporary whilst everything is sorted out :O)

Have a good evening.x


scrappyjan said...

joey remove your feedjit and the problem with be gone for now. gggrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Kim Dellow said...

What has been going on with Internet explorer? I feel like I've had my head in the sand! We always use firefox at home so maybe that is why I've missed all the goings on.
I'm loving the new kitty piccies in the slideshow :) Have a fab weekend. Kim

Jans stuff said...

glad you got sorted out take care

Anonymous said...

Glad it's working better!! :) This is what I use too!!

Kelly Schelske said...

I did the same thing Joey, installed Firefox and I'm good to go, smooth sailing now!!

Hugs, Kelly

Amanda's paper palace said...

Yay mr blogger let me leave a comment lol!
Love your last two cards!How cute is that ballerina!
hugs amanda x

Anesha said...

Hi Joey, have been using FireFox for several years and it has been really good. Would love to see some new photos of the kittens pleaseeee.
Hugs Anesha

Sharon Caudle said...

I can't do that at work, and I do a lot of my blogging at work. shhhhhhh!!!! LOL! But I'm holding my breath! You're about the fourth or fifth blog I've hopped to, and I haven't gotten an error. Before, I couldn't do more than one, and most times not even one! Could it be fixed? did I just jynx myself?? I'm keeping everything crossed!!! Have a wonderful weekend, Joey!!

Ila said...

Been having the same problems...I've downloaded IE 8....and fire fox too. It does seem to be a blogger problem of some sort...but fox I'm good to go....Hugs, Ila

Claudia Rosa said...

hi joey.. i know that explorer is annoying i hope it gets fixed soon

Dawn said...

Hi Joey

eeek I thought it was just something my computer had picked up - didn't realise it was blogger...
I installed Firefox a while back but didn't like it - missed all my toolbar stuff and autofill so deleted it.
I am now accessing my blog through my google icon and everything works okay.


Lynne said...

Hi Joey

I've been having a terrible time with my pc. Hate to put a spanner in the works and I hope Firefox works for you but I've been using it for several years, at home and at work, and I've had nothing but trouble since I started looking at the blogs. I don't know what the problem is but it certainly seems to be connected to the blogs; I don't have any bother when I'm on other internet business. Hope you have more luck than I've had.


Shauna said...

Hope you have a super weekend!
♥ HUGS ♥

Jo (Boots the Monkey) said...

Morning Joey

Just to let you know, I think I have solved the problem ! I have uninstalled Internet Explorer 8 this morning and everything has gone back to normal and I can view blogs with no problem at all. Not sure if you had upgraded to IE8 but it is definately worth a try.

Hope you get it sorted too.


Jo xxxx