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Thursday, 21 May 2009


Ok well I thought it was my computer and boy has the poor thing been cursed today, but seems it is happening on hubbie puter too, so I am begining to think this is a blogger issue not mine it is driving me insane, Huge apologies for not commenting, I have tried to access many blogs tonight both uk and us and they just wont load, so if I dont comment its cos I havent been able to, not for the want of trying tho. Hope this sorts out soon, off to look at alternative blog hosts as I am well and truly fed up :O(


Cheryl Joshua said...

Hi Joey

I have been having a problem as well,Internet Explorer will not open some blogs and I cannot comment as well.Just to comment here I had to click on comment quickly before your page disappeared,I hope it is fixed soon.

Hugs xx

Emma said...

Hi Joey
Here, here...think loads of us having the same problems too. I posted about internet explorer just opening all the time...thought it was a virus but seems its a problem with blogger too.
Emma x

Elaine Stark said...

Like you I thought it was only my problem and cursed my laptop. I couldn't get into any blog for more then 10 seconds. Hopefully today will be better. Elaine

Jo (Boots the Monkey) said...

Ummm same problem again too - driving me mad. I hope it gets fixed soon. Glad to hear though that its not just my PC !

Have a great weekend Joey,

Jo x

Crafting Joanne said...

Just so glad it isn't our PC's, which many of us thought, hope they soon get it sorted.

Joanne x