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Monday, 26 January 2009

A Question

Hi everyone, in regards to overseas ordering, I hope someone can help me, when I say overseas I mean the us, but can anyone explain in real simple terms about the amounts you are allowed to spend as I keep seeing about taxes and insurances etc etc and my minds confuddled! does the amount you spend have to include the p&p before they whack a tax on you? cos I spy stamps that live there and really want a home here! lol. I have never ordered from the us before I am not worried about the waiting or anything just


Pascale said...

A long time ago I purchased some beads by mistake from a US supplier. I ended up paying postage and taxes and insurance on top too. That came to over £20.00. They charged for opening up the package too. It may be different for stamps. Hope someone else can help you more. Pascale :)

Sue said...

Spending???? What about alley palley??mmmmmmmmmmm???? What stamps is i need then if you need i need!!! pmsl. In answer to ya question, i not a clue!!!! luv u.xx

Mooneybeams said...

Hiya -

I've ordered from Catslife Press, about £30 worth, and didn't get charged at all. Can't remember whether it included P&P though, sorry! Have you tried the Royal Mail website?

Kirsten said...
Hi Joey, I found this link. It seems you have to pay if the GOODS are over £18.00. P+P is seperate. HTH, Kirsten x.

Mandi said...

Oh Kirten has given you the link, I was going to suggest that too. I did ring the customs dept once when I was thinking of opening an online shop. Adn the import tax differes from item to item...stickers for instance have no import duty...but they were really helpful when I rang. I am sure it was alwasy £18 we can import before we pay any extra tax etc here...not much eh! I did hear it was to be increased but?? mandi xx

SemSee said...

Hi Joey

If you buy goods from outside the EU then you will be charged up to 3 things:

- Customs duty: if the value of the goods is £105 and over, although payment is waived if the amount of duty is less than £7.
- Import VAT: if the value of goods is £18 and over.
- Excise duty: for some goods like alcohol and tobacco.

Any package assessed by HMRC as being liable for Customs charges will also incur a Royal Mail handling fee of £8.

Basically, you're okay if the value of the goods is less than £18. The £18 used to have to include the cost of the goods PLUS the cost of the P&P, but I can't find anywhere to say whether P&P costs should or shouldn't be included in the £18 threshold anymore. If it's over the £18, then you'll be incurring some pretty hefty charges! (Not least the Royal Mail £8 handling fee!)

Some online shops that offer international shipping will be happy to mark the package as a gift, as gifts between private individuals are not liable to import VAT unless they are over the value of £36. However, this is technically 'fraud' if you are buying from a shop and not an auction website.

Hope this helps.

Sem x

Sue said...

Asked gr hun he say yep it £18.00, where buy some stuff they send lots of packages to keep it under the £18.00 mark. xx

Dawn said...

Ooh Joey I just press the button and hope for the best !!! LOL
mind you haven't ordered anything recently but have never been charged anything extra - didn't know about the £18 limit either - I do now!!!