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Friday, 17 October 2008

Ideas Ideas Ideas or and what is a????

I made a start on the teachers christmas items today, well I say items I mean cards, as I am at a loss at to what to make, going to have a browse a mooch and hopefully stumble across something I can do. Any Ideas????????????? gratefully recieved!.

Any one have any idea what a JAJO is??? my son came home from school with a rather large looking pot plant, now I haved searched on the net under plants and herbs and unless I am a little thick I can't find any info on it, all I want to know is how to look after it as my son would not be impressed if my lack of knowledge killed his beloved plant!

On the way home from shopping tonight the sun was setting across the heath on one side and on the other the clouds were coming together and there was a break in between some of them, my daughter says "mummy do you know what that hole in the clouds is called?", thinking she was asking me something tricky I said "go on then tell me", so she replied " it always happens when the sun is setting, its Gods way of letting us know theres hope", Me and my husband looked at each other, I said to her "who told you that?", "we learnt it at school mum". I thought about it and whether its a true thing I have never heard of or my daughter, I thought it was lovely, and every time I see the break in the clouds now I know theres hope.

Another early start for me as the bright sparks havent put the racing back to its sociable hour yet!!! only 2 more races left now :o( lets hope the race is not a repeat of last years awful gravel episode, and better than last weeks misfortunes!.OOOOH the telly addict in me is coming out, I am so looking forward to strictly tomoz and x factor hasnt that laura white got an amazing voice!!! wow!!! mind you they are all good this year!

Have a fabby weekend


Nicks said...

aww what a lovely thought! I love clouds but will think of them differently now!

ink'n'rubba said...

the plant looks a bit like a viola to me so perhaps Jajo is the particular variety. hopefully there will be flowers soon which are easier to identify! hugs, annie x

KRISTIN said...

It looks like there are MANY different kinds of African Violets and a lot of them have different scalloped leaves like the plant you have... you can see some on Wikipedia or at the African Violet Society of America ( - who knew there was such an organization? Oh, since the acronym JAJO means January-April-July-October (at least with finances, etc) maybe it means it blooms then?? But then, last time my daughter brought home a plant she grew at school, the tag had her name on it...does your son have a classmate named JAJO? Ha! lol I'd better go to bed. Keep me posted if you find out! Kristin