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Thursday, 2 October 2008

Christmas Hamper

Well I am well on my way with this now, I have made a few more cards for it, and whilst out and about yesterday I found this:-
Which is perfect for what I want to do. It cost £4.50 so that will be my only real cost of this (not including all the cards lol) but it has many holes so I thought it would be great to add ribbons, although I'm not sure exactly what I will do yet, I put a load of tissue paper in the bottom of it but thats not enough to make it look special. heres the other few cards I have made for it so far:-
I love this card! not quiet sure how it came about and lately I seem to be getting brighter and brighter with my cards, but this one sits well with me, I am still decorating the insides too, this one says inside your leaving. Heres another couple:-

I am trying to get a whole range of cards in there, so you wouldnt be stuck for one, the closest I get to sympathy is thinking of you- I just dont do sympathy cards at all. I love this flower from hero arts as its clean and there are no frills with it, which makes it great for these cards. they are both a6 another new thing for me, as I rarely tend to make a6 cards except for this past week!

I am still working on my hubby for crafty birthday things, he is still giving me sharp answers, funny man NOT! I have gone as far as to write a list of what I would like and give him instructions on what to click on each part of the website, its a fool proof plan but I bet he doesnt use it!!! my next step is just to ask for a couple of pounds and buy it myself! lol.

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