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Wednesday, 1 October 2008

1st October- Being Busy should kick in!

Which means I really must get myself in Christmas mode!. Lists need to be finished and shopping started, and gifts made! eeeek! plus I have a ton of birthdays before now and the begining of november, mine included! I asked for a bind it all my hubbies response is un publishable!!! - I am not buying you any craft stuff is all I can say he said :0( I have a few weeks to work on him!.
Still I decided to make a start on one of my christmas gifts, I never make anyone anything for christmas but this year shall be different, partly because of the expense of christmas, and partly because I think the gifts I want to do should go down much better than anything brought! plus they will be useful.
So one of the gifts is going to be a card hamper, thats the only thing I can think to call it. A selection of all occasion cards wrapped pretty and I should be onto a winner (fingers crossed), so heres 3 cards I have made so far for this.

AWWWW they are still friends! thank goodness, its like mary and her little lamb, lucky follows max everywhere, eats his food, and wakes him when he is sleeping! lol, a proper little sibling she is! We have seen a change in max it seems he has aged an eternity since having lucky here, he is slowly begining to lavish the affection he is used too, but its been so hard getting him to realise hes still our baby too!

My son is at that in between clothes stage, age 3 trousers are too small, and age 4 are too big, I brought all his school trousers and then realised they didnt have elasticated waists! too late to take back, so I have watched him run and the trousers fall down, or he pulls them up constantly, so we found a belt, the performance he gave this morning was one of oscar winning! he was so far from impressed with this belt that at 8 this morning we were having our own version of world war, after much coaxing and shed tears he went to school with it! what a big boy! spare clothes have gone to school as well just incase the belt hinders him!

My daughter got into folk dancing club after school and is so excited! I am almost 100% certain I will not be practising it with her! lol, I have not the first idea, but can see me getting roped into it. She also asked to join the school choir I shall have to see if theres any places left for that one! This is all along side that recorder! eeek! its wednesday so we have practise today will need to put cotton wool in my ears! lol.

hope your all having a good week so far! :0)


Viv's Visuals said...

Love the cards Jo! Cats are fab.... ours has been missing for over 3 weeks now so we can only presume he's gone to the cattery in the sky (poor old Mum is really upset) Visit to the rescue centre in order soon.... watch out for the dancing, otherwise your feet will need the cotton wool as well as your ears!!!!

Rosanne said...

All your cards are so pretty!

Anesha said...

Lovely cards. You are very lucky your cats are getting on. We got a new kitten and our older cat just did not like her one bit. Best of luck with them.