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Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Yea Baby!

Is my saying of the week, I have withdrawal symptoms if I dont say it daily! LOL SADDO! Well the fabby dabby good news is! I am ahead of myself yea baby! all card orders finished and complete whoo hoo, and the next one I have to make is for the end of sept, I am loving this- got some others to make but none of which i am under pressure for so its all good!.Its still raining and windy and we are still stuck indoors the great british weather, i knew i'd moan when it happened cos i moaned when it was too hot, no pleasing some people!.

anyways made this one for hubbies dad as its his birthday the first week of sept, embossed both the wordings, used h20's to colour the image, and glitter as my tube of liquid applique is all stuck at one end and refuses to budge down to the other, not impressed! Got a bit of a thing for working with these colours together, I have now done a few cards with the same colours. the stamp is called happy hour and i cut the wine glass off it, cant think who makes it and i am feeling too lazy to go and look! lol. I think I will HAVE to add mens images of some sort to my christmas list as I am running out of stamps to use for them, in fact I think I have used all the male stamps I have for his dad so far with one card or another, yay at least I dont have to do another until fathers day that gives me plently of time to get in some new!

Anyways I am rambling! lol

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