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Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Not much Crafting done this week

and its still raining daily! great stuff! the kids are now throughly bored of staying in out of the rain, and i am out of ideas to keep them happy, have promised them a day at the seaside bank hol mon, so fingers crossed it dont rain! windy is fine just! as long as i get them there!.

I decided that we needed to decorate!, so armed with my colours i set my plan to work in my mind, then decided to paint the ceiling, it was all going great until i fell off the ladder straight into the tv and its unit, and if that wasnt enough the ladder decided to come down and hit my leg ouch! i am still so sore from it , and there was noone to catch me or the paint oooops, hubby finished it off and i must say it looks nice the best bit is the bit i did though!
The walls are a milky cup of tea colour which looks different everytime i look at them, they are not finished yet but it should look good when done. (i hope). so the front room is topsy turvy and driving me mad!

Both the kids took it in turns to stay at nannys for the night, so on the second night when my son stayed we took our daughter out for a meal at f&b's to have some mummy daddy time, she ordered a pizza.
which was huge!!!!!! and to my surprise she only left 2 slices! She was more impressed with the cocktail she had as it had 2 straws! lol
I was talking to Kim aka Plaster Caster and she mentioned atcs for ap its that time of year again and well hmmmmmmm i am so struggling with atcs and inspiration at the mo, so heres what i did, not sure if i like or not!
It says every 1 smiles in the same language, i like that saying as really its so true, and a smile is infectious, you smile at someone 9 times out of 10 they will smile back!. anyways i used the dynmo to do the words and i was heating a bit of the utee over the domino when the heat took the white off the dynmo letters, hmmmmm, i added a bit of gold rub on over them, you have to see it in the flesh really to see the words. i cut a mag image of some lips and covered them with stazon and stuck them to the domino and utee'd the lot, the domino was covered with a base of alcohol inks. The main backing is a piece of card i had crackled glazed and i added some of the gold rub on to it and some black around the edges. the rest is just frills really.