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Saturday, 9 August 2008

Still wrapped up in Christmas!

Still not sticking to just one colour theme, is it just me or do you find it hard to stick to one thing?!. Heres a couple more christmassy cards, and one i had forgotton i had made but was uploaded with 40 other pictures i had forgotton i had taken! delete, delete, delete. Why is it that you have every colour in every shade of card, cept the colour you want?!!!!!!!!! must must stock up on black and brown, its depressing to open my card cupboard and see so many shades of red, orange, yellows and pink, that probably will take an eternity to use up!. Its still raining bucket loads here so is perfect craft time, the kids are happy with their colouring books, my son will scribble a bit of colour on each page then declare he has finished the book, and refuses to do anymore with it, i have just turnt the book over and opened it and told him to draw on the back of all the pages he has coloured i give him 15 mins before he has finished that too, already since the hols have started he has gone through the best part of a pack of printer paper, think maybe he needs a forest of his own lol. My daughter on the other hand has found that she can pull faces at you when you talk to her, and has bucket loads of attitude, my gosh and she isnt no where being a teenager yet! in her case it is deffo too much teen tv!!!So the cuttlebug came out to play, so did the sizzix, I wanted to make a brown card for christmas and then realised i had a distinct lack of brown card, and then all my christmassy stamps are tooooooooo big to fit inside the oval, and that i seem to have no christmas embellishments the list goes on........!, so this is what i came up with, i actually hated it with a passion when it was finished, but it wasnt!, i picked up my waterbrush and added some watercolour to the cream oval, to give it a dirty old type of look, now it was finished and i loved it!!! so me being me i wanted to try it in another colour, hence the blue which i honestly dislike so much, it sat on my desk for 2 days unfinshed and i thought ughhhhhhh, so if you end up with it come christmas time, I LOVE YA REALLY! hehehe.

And this little kitty was left alone on my camera i had forgotton all about him, again brown and again i love it! think i have a fondness for brown!, crackle glaze again, that bottle sure is getting good use!!!!!! So now its back to the desk to see if any more christmas can be made, my method is if i make loads now then i wont be following the examples i led myself of last year and the year before of making christmas cards at the last minute, hopefully it will go to plan! I still havent managed to make the 2 christening cards i need, the months i had to do them are turning into weeks, and nothing is coming into the imagination, i attempted one and it looked like a sympathy card so that went in the bin lol, my daughter needs a simple happy 8th birthday card for her friend and even that was so challenging for me that its been sidelined!, maybe its too much christmas and not enough play. have a good weekend all.x


fuchsia said...

Cards are fantastic Joey !
Hope one has my name on it LOL .
I cant keep to a colour scheme either just do my own thing .

joey said...

of course fush! would never leave you out!x