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Monday, 25 August 2008


Oooooh I am so happy to have been accepted into this group!
I had been thinking about it for so long to join, and my nerves get the better of me and I back out, well not this time! lol.I wanted to join the sbs as i wanted to make some new cyber friends who love to blog like I do! and to be a part of something!.
So the first thing I have to do is introduce myself to the group, I am not quiet sure where to start! I am a stay at home mum to 2 beautiful children sydney who is 7 and niall who is 4, I am married to martin and we live in london,and we have our cat max. Erm now I am struggling lol, I am a little scatty, I try not to be but I will always be the last one to get the joke!,I ramble on a bit too, and sometimes, no much of the time it comes out the wrong way! oooops! lol. I love arts and crafts I have always been intrested in art, and then 3 years ago this coming sunday 31st aug, I started cardmaking, and I havent looked back I love my addiction so much! I just wish I had the money to fund it as much as I wanted too!. I dont think I have a style as such, I do like clean cut, although I do like some styles of altered too. I think everything I make is different in its own way. I have currently reverted to cute style again, my cards are cute, my atcs are not! maybe thats a better way to sum it up!.
Thats about all I can think of for now!, looking forward to getting to know you all,I should have left you all a message, hopefully I havent left anyone out! and thankyou for all the messages you have sent me :0)


gregsgirl23 said...

Hi Joey

thanks for your msg!! Nice to meet you too..look forward to chatting

Lindsey x

Dawn said...

Hi Joey
Thanks for stopping by!
Great to meet you!


KRISTIN said...

Welcome Joey!
Looking forward to getting to know you through SBS23! I started looking at your blog and was going to tell you how much I liked the card you did for FridaySketchers (Christmas Card) but as I scrolled down I realized I like all the cards I had time to see today! You do great work and I can't wait to visit again and see more! Kristin

Toni said...

Hi Joey,
Welcome to SBS23!! Your blog is fab, looking forward to chatting to you xx

KRISTIN said...

Hi Joey! Love your cards and your blog already! Others do too - I see you already have the award I just nominated you for on my blog :) But I wanted my friends to be able to visit and see your great cards too! I'll be back to visit some more! K

TeresaW said...

Hello Joey, I'm looking forward to getting to know you better. Welcome to he group.

Carol said...

Hiya Joey - lovely blog! looking forward to getting to know you "sister"! lol

gregsgirl23 said...

Hi Joey

I love the blog and there is an award for you on my page


Anne said...

Hey Joey, Guess what? You won't be the last to get the joke any more because that honour goes to me!!! LOL!! I'm HOPELESS with jokes and people are always having to explain stuff I ought to know to me!!! LOL!!! It's going to be great getting to know you! ;o) xx