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Saturday, 12 July 2008

Bit fed up!

I am a tad fed up with my crafting today! I just want to do something different and its just not working!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not sure where I am going wrong with different, but i am!. made a few atcs I am happy with them, but they are not different! any ideas???


DF - Heidi said...

blimey girl wish i could produce stuff like this when i'm fed up - great stuff

Artyfax said...

These are beautiful ATC's, you shouuldn't worry about them.

I sometimes want to do the fantastic and creative things which I see on my meanderings around the web, but i often end up not being satisfied with the outcomes. We are all usually hypercritical about our own work, don't you think?

So I often come back to the basic collages I think I can do well. And my personal twist is to use a little humerous angle to the card or its title.

My point, is I think, do what you are happy doing. Try lots of things but if they don't turn out as you imagined chalk it up to experience and learn for the next time.


My name is CINDY...... said...

Can you describe what were you trying do joey? They look fine, but I know that feeling of frustration... if its anycomfort. I rarely know what I'm going to end up with!!

joey said...

thanks john.

i dont really know cindy, i was just fed up with the usual run of things, and fancied a change!

PBird said...

Well if this is your usual you should just stick with that :) These all look great to me xxx

Nicks said...

not different?? they are fab and an awful lot different to the stuff you were doing a few months ago!

WendyK said...

Nothing wrong with any of these, I think they are great