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Saturday, 7 June 2008

whats this?!

2 atcs in 2 days i must be setting myself some sort of a record!!!. long gone are the hours on end days where i could churn out many each day! so this one, i thought hmmmmm what can i do, oh i know triple embossing, i havent done any for ages and now have a lovely messy desk!. so i had decided i was going to use the heart image, went ahead with it, then hunted for ages to find a bit of mesh to use with it, so what you see is all i had hmmmmmmmm now where has that all gone too as i know i can't have used sheets of it, could i?!. i love the coppery coloured card and it sat well with the gold. i love triple embossing then reheating it and distorting all them layers to smooth again, so this is a mix of the 2, smooth and rough. the nappy pin is something i brought at ally and have been desperate to use, so that went on to, the background behind the main image is a mix of 2 inkpads and some enchanted gold embossing powder, and it really is enchanting! well for me anyway. so then it looked a little plain so i stamped the word fatal onto it, and being a heart and fatal i decided to run away FAST from the medical side of things and into the love side of things AWWWWWWW cept i called it first love so for me that was fatal, lol, there is a story there i promise! lol.
other than that my day has consisted of cute! but i can't put those on here as they are for cyber friends! and of course the racing! YAY well done lewis can't wait for the race tommorrow, the disapointment in them cutting the coverage for the football! WHAT an earth is going on there, first of all i like football, BUT england are not even in the tournement, british drivers are in the racing so why cut the coverage arrrrgh not impressed!, mind you my moneys on spain, or portugal maybe even germany like it matters, its only a game.

enjoy your weekend.


Sian said...

This is a great ATC. I think you need to send it for my mesh swap! :)

My name is CINDY...... said...

No swap it with me!! Great work. I sympathise with the time some of these works take - sometimes I just have to stick a few bits together so I feel like I've achieved something.

joey said...

i do that often cindy! makes me think i have been more creative than i really had! lol. its already swapped this one, but shall try and do something similar.x