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Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Life is A Rollercoaster

WHOOOOOOOOOSH! So Janet picked our next theme which is wacky and off the wall, so heres my first offering for that. I do like my swaps with janet and hope this one is wacky enough!. It just seemed to fit my mood this past few months, and i think it works really well together.
In my hunt for mesh i found a piece of a sizzix rail track, which has been sat staring at me wondering what i will do with it, so its found its use now.
I didn't originally plan for this to turn out the way it did, it just sort of formed itself as i took out different materials.
I seem to love working with the clay masks, maybe over doing it with them, but they do keep me happy!. So i began with a clay mask on a backing of foam and angel hair, my original plan was to follow what i had done with the 3 masks on the card lower down, so i began with that, then the rail track came into view and i slid it behind, which then started the rollercoaster idea off.
I hunted for a box small enough to use as my cart, and the house was bare! so my son had better hide his stash of lego as it fit perfectly! i used buttons for the wheels, and again another clay mask painted with black acrylic.
i used my dynmo for the phrase and the ticket i made with some yellow card stock.
i must say i really am so pleased with this effort!

I Dare You - Day 2

So i got to thinking and came up with a plan lol, i thought this would be the perfect swap to be able to display so i was thinking i will alter the photoframe, and put the 4 images in this and have it as one piece of artwork. i decided on a neutral colour theme, and asked the group for: fush- a button fairy, heidi - something moulded, pbird - an altered matchbox, tish - for a jigsaw piece, i do hate asking people to do something, but excited to do theres for them too.

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Wow! This is fantastic!