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Saturday, 14 June 2008

I Dare You

This one is for Fush, an altered magazine image.Now me being me i am not sure if Fush will like it, so i have mailed it to her to check, if not then i shall start from scratch with another image. I quite like it myself. So i thought i would go sort of a step by step for this one! lol.

The image is the start a girl advertising bread, i thought she looked quite angelic, some sort of purity so i decided i would change her into a bride. HMMMMMMMM

so i cut her in half! and painted her head out, such a pretty girl too. then i think i went a little crazy in my transformation to a bride!

I added some net mesh as a veil, some fibres as her hair, i added little bows to it, in my mind it was to try and keep the innocence of the original image, i also added a clay mask as her face.

I cut the her body out and covered it with several layers of utee and stamped the word kiss a few times "kiss the bride". i added a few roses as her bouquet and the backing atc is one i have had for ages of roses embossed. i thought it fitted well.

i then added some ribbon around her neckline. i also used some metallic rub on on her face and some white paint sort of smudged together using a bit of kitchen roll! lol

So this is she! My Bride.....What do you think?

any advice much appreciated, i think the hardest part of this challenge is getting it right for everyone else, and being one to please lol, the stresses have begun! lol. Heidi has set the challenge of making some houses for her street! before anyone asks i have not a clue yet! lol.


Nicks said...

wow mate, it's fab.. if Fuch doen't want it (which she will) I'll have it!!

Trudy said...

love the way you have showen how to do this.

Viv's Visuals said...

I'm in the queue too!!!!LOL It's brilliant!

Sian said...

I think it's brilliant and she'll love it (but if she doesn't I'll fight Nicks for it).

PBird said...

I LOVE it too, although i do believe the purity of her expression has been well and truly Joey'd :) I'm sure she'll love it. Your all putting me to shame, i've not managed to start yet xxx

fuchsia said...

They can all keep their mitts off it
I new I could rely on you to come up with something brilliant she is absolutely Fab Thanks Joey .

My name is CINDY...... said...

Wow Joey, it's great.

DF - Heidi said...

awesome job i have a place on my wall ready for an additional street