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Saturday, 3 May 2008

Blog Neglect!

Slap those Wrists! naughty!. I just have not had the time to make any cards or atcs to be able to upload!. I have promised myself i WILL get some crafting done tmoro! I feel so out of the loop!, being a working girl now is taking more adapting than i originally though, in terms of crafting time!, and trying to get used to walking in those heel things my gosh who was stupid enough to invent them!, my sister told me to get a pointed pair, i said they hurt me feet, she said they are there to look good, comfort doesnt come in to it! WELL MMMMMM YES IT DOES!, so i have not brought any pointy shoes and stuck to that word "FRUMPY" lol, and that great word "hindsight" (if thats the right word) i wish i had gone back sooner, it is so nice to be able to mix with others, and feel valued again. I am looking forward to going back on tuesday, although maybe thats because its still new to me!, mind you the next agent to call in and call me by my sisters name i think i will scream! i wouldnt mind but we really sound nothing alike!, and fancy asking me how to spell JO?! lol. I am still trying to shake off this darn flu! i say flu as it has been so much worse than a cold, and if a man can moan about sniffles then so can i!, anyways shall post a card or something tmoro! (i hope). am going to have a peek at what some of you have been up to on your blogs!.

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