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Saturday, 26 April 2008

wow that week went quick!

i started my new job on monday and my gosh going back after so long away will take some adapting too!, the good news is i love it! i am looking forward to monday and in time i will adapt to the tiredness! lol i hope.

i honoured the christening invtes i had to get done, so in a mad rush last night i made all 20 of them! i am so glad they are done and out of the way now, i do not like repeative crafting like that one bit!

so today brought me a wonderful cold, and all i wanted to do is lay down and do nothing, but i have managed to make one card! yay! i got to craft. having my craft time limited makes the time i have important to me! so hopefully i might get another made tonight before i hit the sack.

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