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Saturday, 19 April 2008

friday 18th april - the best day of the year so far!

WOW what a day! was the day of my nans 80th party (her birthday is officially the 19th) and i, yes me, i got a job!!!! i am so thrilled i cannot tell you how much to be able to go to work! whoooooooo i gots a job i gots a job! lol. i have not taken into consideration the complete lack of time i will have for my crafting,but hey ho i sure i will fit it in somewhere! (I HOPE). Boy will it take some adjustment to be away from the kiddies for so long, just have to teach hubby how to clean properly now!.

My wonderful Nan has turned 80, and what a night to remember!. a party organised by my mum, a surprise visit from her brother who lives in california, and her nephew who she has not seen for many years! plus all us lot!. i sunk one too many drinks, but i was having a double celebration!

i want to tell you a bit about my nan but i just dont know where to start!. everybody has a constant in their lifes, someone who is always there no matter what, and for me that person is my nan. there really is nobody else like her!. my nan has always been my rock, and still contniues to be. i have learnt much of my morals from my nan, standards, how to treat people, how to live! lol, one thing which sticks in my mind is the word "hate", as nan would say you don't hate anybody you dislike them you never hate!, why this is embedded i don't know, its there with so many other things. it was a pure delight to see the smile on my nans face last night when so many of her friends past and present and so many of her family were there for her day!, my nan has 7 children, countless grandchildren, and even more countless great-grandchildren, i have always been in the thick of it so to speak with my nan i ring her all the time, i visit, and so she lines the whole family up to meet a long lost relative, i was at the end of the line, she introduces every single person, she gets to me, AND...... FORGETS MY NAME! how?! i wont let her live that one down!, for the rest of the night i kept telling her, its me joanne, lol, think she remembered me this morning though! lol.

so just for you happy birthday nan! i loves ya in a million!.xxx

not sure when i will upload any new cards/atcs or such as i am going to work on monday! yay! lol, and i still have a batch of christening invites i need to do! oooooh i just wont have the time! hope to have something crafty on soon. bye for now.x


Mooneybeams said...

Sounds like a brialliant weekend - many congratulations on the job, that's fab!

duckface said...

Happy Birthday Joeys Nan have a great day and well done on the job good for you xxxxxxxxxxxxx said...

Hi Joey,
Congrats on the job, hope it's going well, - what is it?

Loved to hear about you nan. My OH is the oldest of 7 and his mum turned 80 on the 6th of April. Like you we had a huge party for her.