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Sunday, 13 April 2008

a mixed day!

Phew what a long day today has been!, i seem to suffering with some sort of i am so tired syndrome! lol, its all that walking yesterday and another sleepless night, but.... my mind was thinking craft today. i have had a mixed day, some cute, some not so cute!!

Ally Pally was fantastic yesterday, nice to see you girls, and nice to be able to have a few new goodies to play with, and to swap a few atcs.
I spent how long of my time getting my fingers sticky with ez mount, wow why did i not know about this stuff before?! yes i have seen it but no i didnt have it, but now i need more!!!!

I brought a mould and pushed some clay into it, the man said yes you could use friendly plastic in it, but i am unsure of how to do this as surely i'd burn me fingers pushing it into a mould?! any ideas???
sooooooo i made my first slide mailer, not sure what these do, is the bit inside meant to slide, well mine does sort off, then i decided i liked the acetate half hanging out anyway, i wanted the front to be quite plain, its a thankyou for somebody, i hope she likes it! i am pleased with it considering it was my first one, i used one of my clay moulded faces, and tons of acrylic! once again heated with the heat gun, the rest is self explaintory really.

Then i just had to have a magnolia stamp, they are very cute! but there is something about these little images that draw me to them, and i just had to have a try i dont think these 2 cards show the stamp off to be honest but i will play with my adorable little lady.
Then i made an atc all friendly plastic! i have waited soooooooooooo long to be able to get some more that i just had to use it today, there is something about this stuff that just makes me want to craft!

I was having a moment today and was looking at what i had done and began to hear myself critcising certain things, because i feel i want to please, i dont know why, and then sometimes i wonder what my craft style is!, but i decided my best is my best and thats that! sometimes you need to have a good stern talk to yourself! well i do!
anyway i hope you like!


Sian said...

Wow! These are all great, especially the FP ATC.

Nicks said...

Just love the slide mailer and the FP, but they are all great! was lovely to see you at AP!