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Friday, 21 March 2008

a rather productive day me thinks!

I threw myself in to making cards today for one reason and another the last day or so has been not too great i wont bore you with the details!, so i sat myself down and began to make cards!. i made more than these but can't put them on here as they are for upcoming cyber pals birthdays. however here are a few.
i really enjoyed making these today, i didnt feel as though they are my usual style, whatever that may be, as i put some thought into these ones to try and be different, i am pleased with the outcomes though.
i am hoping this easter weekend proves to be a very crafty one, as i am still behind! ooops.

its also racing weekend again! WHOO HOO everything crossed that the mclaren boys have another good race! yet another early start for me to make sure i watch it, just isnt the same when watching it on record. got myself a little avatar thingy waving me flags in support! i can only dream i will make a race one day in my lifetime! so i am there in spirit lol.
syd lost yet another tooth on weds, she came home from school with it in its envelope, put it under her pillow and awaited the tooth fairy. WELL when the tooth fairy arrived syd was wide awake lightbulb eyes and the tooth fairy had to sneak away! the tooth fairy proceeded to bed, to then be woken with, "MUM SHE DIDNT COME!" oh dear big ooops!. however she did redeem herself by placing the golden coin and removing the tooth whilst everyone was getting ready for school, ooooh shes such a sneak that tooth fairy, still had one happy child, and one terrible feeling mother! moral: do not forget to honour your duties! lol
well i think i have gone on just a wee bit, and look at the time! still its nice sat here listening to the rain beating aginst the window! sweet dreams.x

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