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Tuesday, 18 March 2008

my singing ain't that bad!

so there i was happily sat on me cushion with me brew, browsing for inspiration, headphones on, singing me heart out!, himself sat on his chair with his headies on, wicked evening, no need to chat! lol, then what do i get?! SHURRRRUP, pardon??? shurrrrup, what? thats right my singing was overriding his headphones. well can i help that?! noooooooooooo, cant help it if i have me music blaring in me earholes and his is barely hear tones! men!!!! talk bout spoil sport!

so what do i do???

thats right crank it up and sing even louder!!!

no crafting done today, but i did sort of write a shopping list for ap, so thats gotta count, must do some over the easter weekend i have so much to catch up with, cards, atcs, finding something to alter gosh it goes on!

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