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Monday, 18 February 2008

sketches and doodles don't ask!!!!

so i have had a little play and i am not particulary impressed! thought i would begin with florals as thats probably my fave subject matter, but my mind kept drawing a blank, i have realised i have a mega problem with proportion! arrrgh it is driving me nuts!. then i thought i would go a little sort of unreal and doodle and sketch something completley not real, i want to do some sort of fantasy picture but not mythical fantasy just random thoughts fantasy i kept coming back to sweeties and rainbows on like a field, where its come from i dont know, so i am doing some premilimary sketches and ideas till i can come up with a piece i can then explore with paint, but its just not geling! maybe i have been away from it for too long. practise makes perfect, and i keep telling myself my sketchbook is for me, it doesnt have to be shown so what does it matter, but thought i would share a few pages with you. so here goes, comments appreciated although i think i'm a little delicate at the mo to accept harsh criticism! lol.

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duckface said...

will you please stop being so harsh on yourself and being soooooo self critical - these are GREAT sketches so whats you problem you daft mare!!! ;0)