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Sunday, 24 February 2008

nothings coming together

seems i have nothing to show really for a whole week, no sketches, no atcs, no nothing!. i sit to start something and then forget what it was i was going to do and walk away! i am proper frustrated! i think i have just hit an inspiration block,and hope it passes soon, have been like it for a little while only doing dribs and drabs.

the kiddies go back to school on monday maybe the few hours of quiet during the morning might inspire me to create! i am hoping the begining of spring brings some much needed ideas, all those flowers budding and blooming must make sure to take the camera with me everywhere now, having said that i must remember to charge it first! ooops!

scoops has ordered me ticket for ap so have something to look forward too, a good old natter with me bud brill! oh and a little bit of shopping with a little bit of luck!

anyways tha me lot thought i had best put something here.

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My name is CINDY...... said...

Hi Joey, found you at last!! I know what you mean about the kids -I am tearing my hair out waiting for bit of peace and quiet - but they're still here!! Eldest is panicking getting a final piece ready and the whole house looks like ...well, a craft studio. No space left for me to work lol!!! Hope you get your mojo back soon. (Fancy a challenge?) Cindy x