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Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Tunnel Book Tutorial...

Hiya everyone
Hope you are all ok
Sorry I have been absent again!
I am here today with a little tutorial :)

Step 1 
Print off required sheets

Step 2 
Cut all the elements out, for the piece with the aperature I cut it using a metal ruler and craft knife, I then covered over it using a bit of acetate- leave that to one side for now

Step 3
Score all the lines on your other pieces (the lines are marked) I used my ultimate pro to do this. Once you have scored them, you need to fold them Mountain/Valley style as shown

Step 4
Add glue to the bottom strip as shown and place your base image layer on to it, you need to repeat this on the other side

Step 5 
Move up a fold and add glue then stick your second layer in, you need to repeat this step on the other side, add the glue to the back of the image you are sticking down (only the edge) as you don't want the strips to stick together

REPEAT this for your last layer

Step 6 
This is what it should now look  like, take the piece you covered with acetate earlier, and add glue to the two long sides, stick this to the top of your tunnel book

Step 7 
Take the last two pieces and glue them together as shown, then and glue to the base and stick your tunnel card in place, you can embellish as you choose, if you want to add anything to the images,like glitter or gems then do it before you stick them in place 

Here is one of my finished ones
Which I used as a hanging,I thought this would look lovely in a childs room :)

Thanks for Popping By
Hope this was of some help :)
I do have a Brambly Hedge Spring Card Tutorial to share but will do that on a different post
x x x

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