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Monday, 22 October 2012

Ethnic Colouring...

Hiya Everyone, Back Again, This time with a short tute on colouring Ethnic Skin, I am not certified, or have any qualifications in my colouring, This is purely How I do it, and everyone has a different way. 

There are so many Colours to choose from, I find these colours I use today the main ones I go back too each time, I havent had any complaints lol, and I quite like the richness to the browns I use. 

For me colouring up Ethnic Images is no different to colouring up any other skin image, I approach them all in the same way with my shadows first and blending that into the skin with my lighter colour.

The only thing I would say when colouring Ethnic skin is not to use pinks for the cheeks, only because I cannot get it to look right and I think its not very realistic with the pink cheeks against the brown pen tones, but again that is JUST MY OPINION.

Picture Heavy...

Step One
I get the colours out I want to use
In this case, E95,E33,E35,E37,C-5,C-7

 Step Two
I start by Colouring in my shadows and cheeks using E37

Step Three
I then add in my next shade which is E35, I go over all the areas I have already coloured

Step Four
I then go over the whole lot with my lightest shade E33, Sometimes I add a little more shadow after this step, but in this case I didnt

Step Five
I then use a little pink on the lips E95, I find E93 works just as well too

Step Six
When I colour up Ethnic Hair, I always colour it with little dots, as opposed to strokes or small circles, I kinda just dab the ink on to the hair, the first colour I use is C-5

Step Seven
I then go in and use the same dabbing motion and apply my darker shade C-7

Step Eight
I go back in with C-5 in the dabbing motion and repeat step 6&7 till I am happy

Step Nine
I repeat the same process with the skin on the rest of any flesh showing, again starting with my shadow colour

Step Ten
Adding in my mid tone E35
Then I add E33, but I forgot the pic

Step Eleven
And repeat again on the legs

Step Twelve
Thats her Skin and Hair Finished

I coloured her up to match me papers, and now she is ready to be used. I find because I dont have that many different shades of copics, I tend to stick to fewer colours to build my colours up. I find the E33, E35, E37 and even E31 and E43 combos my fave all time copic colours, I use these colours for my lighter mixed race skin tones, and I use them also for many of the animals I colour up, And for hair, I use them alllllll the time for hair lol.

I hope this is useful to some of you, I know its taken me a while to get up to a shade I really like

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Anonymous said...

Fantastic! Thanks for sharing Joey!

Judith said...

great tutorial- Joey - its always great to see how other people do things - that you can "borrow" to put with your own colouring techniques hugs Judith x

Frea said...

Hi Joey, wonderful tutorial!! Love the effect, it's so gorgeous! Hugs Frea

Caroline said...

Fabulous tutorial Joey. Caroline xxx

chrissy xx said...

ABsolutely FABulous Joey..
Thank you soooo much for this...
Really appreciate it...

Anita said...

A fabulous tutorial Joey. Thank you so much for sharing!

Lozzy said...

love your blog with all the help you give and your lay out. i still dont no what im doing!!! xx

Dora said...

Awe how beautiful. Fantastic coloring and thanks for sharing xx

Anonymous said...

Thanks for such a fab tutorial Joey, so helpful!
Helen x

Swr4him said...

I like the colors that you used! Great tutorial and thank you.

Riet said...

So wonderful,the colours.

Hugs Riet.xx

Lyndal said...

FAB tutorial Joey!