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Monday, 7 May 2012

Fancy A Laugh

Hiya Everyone, Back again, I saw this over on the lovely Coops Blog and it did make me smile, so I thought I would join in too. Sandra has set us all a Challenge to see how much we have changed with our cards from the begining, HAHAHAHAHA, WOW, I always cringe when I see my earlier cards, not good at all, although at the time I probably thought they were the Bees Knees. 
Thanks so much for this Sandra, its tickled my belly :)
You can find all the INFO HERE at Sandras Blog
I had to go to my old Docrafts Gallery to get these, dont even remember my log in details for there, eeek, but I do have many lovely friends I cherish from there, so if your reading this, A GREAT BIG HELLO to you, I might not be over there but I havent forgotton you!

4th Feb 2007
 OH WOW, Not quite sure what to say but I have red cheeks lol, I remember this taking me ages to cut all those turret bits, and boy how uneven are they all, those flowers were from lakeland and I loved those so much, oh gosh hahaha.

 14th April 2008
This was one of my first ever Magnolia's, I absolutely loved the DCWV paper pad.
23rd October 2007
I think I made this for my nephew to give to his sister, I loved loved the fold on this, and its very C&S 
29th September 2008
I know this one was when I had started blogging, I loved it, I dont think its too awful like the others LOL its not my style either


Here are more recent makes, GOSH I so hope any of you who read this say there is an improvement hahaha
 Pirate Presley from Digital Delights by Louby Lou

 Saturated Canary Image

 Saturated Canary Image
A Wee Stamp

I would like to think my recent makes are much better and far more inspiring than those at the begining, I hope you think the same looooool

Looking Forward to seeing yours

Thanks for Stopping By
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Anonymous said...

Hi Joey, your first cards aren't awful. I think they show your developing creativity and my goodness how it's developed!!

I don't think there's much difference between my first cards and the ones I do now, lol!

Squirrel x said...

Oh my gosh hun, what a change! You can see how much more confident you are now, with layout and colour. Nothing wrong with the earlier ones, but your new stuff is so much "stronger" if you get what I mean. You are braver than me babes! Hugs Sxx

chrissy xx said...

Awhh! Lol They are all lovely... And they were just right at the time...
Must admit Joey had to laugh at your background in April...What on earth is's all pipes.
Are you wondering??
The answer is...
No...I'm not sharing... he! he!

karen said...

Oh my word Joey, I have been cracking up ( I mean that in the nicest possible way) Your projects these days are so bloomin gorgeous and yes they are very inspiring and I hope I can even be half as good as you are now!! Wow look at all the awesome DT's you are on!! Big hugs, Karenxx

I dont know if I am brave enough to do mine LOl!

Sheena said...

Fabulous Joey - I've joined in as well! Sheena xx

amanda stokes said...

Hi Joey,
Wow its so weird seeing how your style has changed over the years lol...your early cards are way better than mine were lol :) x

Christine said...

Hi Joey yes we ALL thought our 1st creations were stunning ..& yes they were..but think we all & crafting as a whole has come a longgggg way & our purses/pockets have had to get deeper to pay for it all.. lol..thanks for sharing your awesome creations YES all of them..great fun

smiles Christine x..

MagsB said...

The most important thing about our first efforts is that we loved doing them, I think, and your earliest ones look like you had fun!

love Mags B x

mags said...

Wow, what a change. Your first cards were great but your cards now are absolutely gorgeous. One talented crafter.

Wishcraft said...

They're all fab Joey, great to see some of your early creations too :o) There are probably some early pics of mine on docrafts too - will see if I can remember my details and have a look! Hugs, Lisa x

Anita said...

Thanks for sharing Joey - you're much braver than I am ;) I have to say I do see how much lovelier your more recent cards are. Hmm, maybe I'll get brave and play along too. I look at my beginning cards and laugh at myself!

Janiel/ janny said...

Hello Joey dear, NONE of your cards are aweful!!! It's just that the times change and yep we grow and learn tips and trick. Your art is and has always been beautiful!!
big hugs, Janiel

Liz, said...

Hehe, isn't this fun. Great to see your earlier cards your new cards are gorgeous,

Liz x

Manuela said...

Wow, what a difference, especially in the layouting :D Great to see!

Lots of greetings from Austria,

coops said...

a massive difference from then and now joey but your earlier cards are way better than mine, lol.i remember those dcwv backing papers too.

xx coops xx

KraftyKoolKat said...

Sorry Joey I love them all. Lol!!! Even the ones when we started out on Do Crafts together.


Sarah said...

Hi Joey, just hopping along with Sandra's then and now challenge.

You can certainly see your style has greatly improved from your early cards - but I don't think any of them are to be ashamed of!! We all start somewhere and then grow, and boy have you grown!!!


PS - Isn't it strange how many of us started out on DoCrafts! I lurked there for years without posting!! Posted a bit last year and now moved onto blogland

Rebekah said...

Wow Joey you have improved a tonne! Thanks for sharing I have joined in too *whince* but it's all good fun! Hugs rebekah xx

sandra's crafty corner said...

hi hun
many thanks for joining in on my before and after challenge, your befores are pretty good as they are lol much better than mine where, but your afters are stunning,
hugs sandra xxx

heidy said...

Hi Joey love them all,but your resent ones are fabolous!
This is fun looking to someones old stuff,don't you think so!
Hugs Heidy

Fliss said...

Love to see first cards....!!!!
You know I think your cards are WOW...!!!

Anonymous said...

A definite improvement, LOL! Your first ones are a lot better than mine were though and we have to learn from our mistakes! Your photography skills have improved somewhat too!
Helen x

Nenny said...

Cool idea Joey to do a little retro-reflect. Lovely to see the progression. Gotta say you're so 'in the groove' with your beautifully finished cards now. The matching boxes and card insides. Love all the 'new ones' to bits. Specially love the Sylvia Zet card. Such a sweet image, beautifully coloured. Wends x