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Saturday, 11 February 2012

Follower Changes

EEEEEEK, Hiya Everyone, have just read and seen on my friends Anne and Vickys Blog that the follower gadget will be removed at the end of the month :(

I worry I will miss so many people and I dont want anyone to get lost along the way, there is a NEW follower gadget and I would Love it if you continued to follow me on the new one :) 

I will get around to all those I follow eventually I know it may take a while sadly :(

You can click on the New one to the right and it should take you to get your new gadget :)

Thanks for stopping by x x x


Denise and Louise said...

Hi Joey,
Have just re-followed you!!!
Denise xx

Kathleen said...

Hi Joey, ive been doing some research since finding this out on Vickys blog. As far as I can make out its only NON google/blogger blogs that will lose out. Ones like wordpress and typepad. So dont panic!
Kat xx

Alyce said...

D: is it really being removed?? from everyone? ah now I have to start all over again! haha

Alyce said...

Hi Joey - me again! I believe that the follower tool will still be working for people who have 'blogger' blogs ( in the web address). it is only for blogs that don't have this! Hope that helps xx

Boxofcolours said...

Joey, Alyce is right - Google are keeping the follower tool for "Blogger Blogs" it just won't be accessible for non blogspot addresses - so you'll be fine sweetie ♥