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Monday, 27 February 2012

11 Things

Hiya Everyone, I saw this over on Krista's Blog and thought it sounded like such fun :) Krista is such a fab writer of her blog, its a real enjoyable read, I wish I could write like that too lol, and I am kinda nosey so I love posts like this :) hahaha nosey in a nice way :)

So this is 11 Things

There are five rules:
1. Post these rules.
2. Post a photo of yourself and 11 random things.
3. Answer the questions set for you in the original post.
4. Create 11 new questions and tag people to answer them.
5. Go to their blog/twitter and tell them you've tagged them.

1: I am Random, I flit from one thing to the other without even linking how I got there, my conversations can be pretty random, and things I like can be pretty random, I am Random

2: Growing up I hated my ginger hair, my grandad loved it, it wasnt until I had my Ella and she had ginger hair that I totally got the feeling he must have had :) Loving the ginger now

3: I have next to sense of smell, it has slightly improved over the years, and theres only a handful of things I can get a good whiff from

4: I hate political correctness, it just gets my back up, it amazes me what ever happened to common sense 

5: I am slowly realising I have a thing for Owls, I never used too, I have always liked them, but more so lately I am becoming more and more drawn in by them, if I see it and it has an owl, I want it 

6: I love watching Escape to the Country, sad but true, the houses, the designs, the scenery oh how I wish to be able to move away like that

7: I cant have ketchup and gravy on the same plate, makes me gag thinking of it yuk!!!

8: I wish I was more yummy mummy than practical mummy

9: In the begining, a long time ago, I asked my hubby out :) 

10: My son has lots of sensory items, some of which are like these rubbery, jelly type squigdy objects, balls that light up, worms, I cant touch them, they make me shudder and I feel funny, if they touch me I scream rofl he insists on having them on his bed, when I change his bedding, I have to roll them up in the sheet so they dont touch me, then shake them off, hubby had to pick them up for me the other day 

11: I cant cook whole chickens, once upon a time I cooked one, turned around to get a knife to cut it, and the leg touched my hand, wow, you never have seen someone scream and run, my hubby of course found this hysterical, I can still here him saying to this day, what did he cluck at you hahaha very funny, have to buy chicken in every other form but whole!

The Questions from Krista

1: Favourite Nail Colour?
Jermyn Street from Nails Inc lurve it when I do paint my nails, I'm a bit funny about nail polish

2: Pink or Red Lipstick or are you a gloss kinda girl?
Erm... none really, on a rare occasion it may be a little gloss

3: Favourite craft site?
Ack, I find this a hard one, gonna have to say all the people I follow far to many out there that inspire me :)

4: Are you a morning person or a night owl?
Night Owl I have to say, Mornings are my enemy

5: Are you really chatty or super quiet? or somewhere in between?
Hmmmm, I guess inbetween, if I know you I gas a lot, if I dont I am shy and quiet

6: What is one thing you want to accomplish this year?
I want to be able to do all I can to get my son entry into the school he needs to meet his needs :) if I can do that, that will be one very happy me!

7: What is your best Talent/Gift?
Hmmmmm this has made me think, I am not sure, I think possibly letter writing, I am not so good on my blog, but when it comes to getting things written for letters I am very good

8: Do you have a Tattoo?
Nope, not one, I want one, a nice pretty one that has a meaning, for me it will be en-twinning the cancer ribbon, the autism ribbon, and poppies, havent come up with a pretty enough design yet and I am far too scared to get it done. Although if that HOT guy Ami came along to do it, I think I would lol

9: What is one thing you would like to learn more about?
I would love to learn more about Art History it really grips me

10: Your alter ego would be... (think occupation)
This had me stumped lol... I really dont know....
probably a Princess
thats so far from me its unreal phahahaha

11: What three people past or present, would you like to meet?
Henry VIII, Martin Luther King and Simon Cowell

My Questions for You

1: Coffee or Tea?
2: Holidays abroad or Holidays at Home?
3: Summer or Winter?
4: Facebook or Twitter?
5: Do you prefer Heels or Flats?
6: Who famous would you have at your Dinner Party?
7: Who is your favourite Disney Princess? (mine is Snow White)
8: What is your Favourite Film?
9: What is you main fear? (sharks are mine)
10: Who do you Admire?
11: What is the one thing you want to do that never have?

oooooh I am off to tag you :))) lol
I have tagged some people, but feel free to do this too, let me know so I can read :)
Thanks for Stopping By, and Reading if your nosey like me lol :)
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Carrie said...

Loved reading this Joey .... its fab to find out more about each other... will try to do it later xx

Janiel/ janny said...

Hello my dear friend Joey. I LOVED reading all of this about you!!! I LOVE YOUR HAIR dear! You and the baby are sooo CUTE!!!
Hope you are all well.....
sending you big hugs.....

PS thanks for the peek into your personal life. :o)

Grenouille Greetings said...

I enjoyed reading all about you, Joey. And that's a lovely picture! And for the record, I couldn't have ketchup and gravy on the same plate either. Yuk! Mind you, I avoid gravy most of the time anyway because it muddles the individual little piles of food that are neatly arranged around the plate not touching each other. I only ever eat ketchup with hot dogs, hamburgers and occasionally chips. Ketchup on the same plate as an egg would make me run for cover! Hugs, Lesley

Craftdee said...

It's really great to get some goss on you, Joey (I'm nosey-in-a-good-way too, lol) I was a ginger nut too growing up (cousins had nice auburn, I had carrot) but now I choose my shade :-) I've just checked out your recent work... you've been busy! It's all great; love your tutorial, well done you! Donna♥

saturated canary said...

isn't it funny how something we might not like about ourselves becomes endearing after we see it in our own kiddos?? You guys have suck gorgeous hair! You don't even know! i wonder how many girls go to the dresser asking for exactly your color every day! i love ginger/red heads!! they always seem a bit more fun and spunky! guys are so lucky!

great read! so fun to go through your list...and you had me giggling! Like your "random" one:). (that word just makes me laugh...don't know why:) are so cute!

thanks for the follower;)!

xx answer a couple of yours: Facebook, Admire my Dad and Mom, and Rapunzel is my favorite princess. (She knocked Ariel out of top spot;).