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Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Whats on your Workdesk Wednesday

Hiya Everyone, WOW has it been a while since I showed my desk, sadly nothing fancy on it, and nothings changed, New House, Same Old Desk lol, and same old mess! its tidyish nearer the front so I can craft to my hearts desire sadly the mojo is still hiding a bit. If you are wondering what I am on about head on over to Julia's, and show off your desk.

Can you spot the mini Yankee Candle Jars? they are waiting to be gift wrapped and tagged up as Teacher's gifts, they came as a set of 8 and we have 7 Teacher's, but 1 left yesterday without warning so we get to keep 2! yay for our noses rofl! I am a bit of an addict and have a tiny little collection growing now, my faves I shouldnt have faves as I can never narrow it right down but my faves are Midsummers Night, Fresh Cut Roses and Bahama Breeze has made an impact this week lol, Whats your Yankee Scent?!

The box on my chair is my box of ribbons, I was using them last night, they usually love under the desk but I was fed up of bending. What else? oooooh my box of nail varnish, addict for collecting that stuff hardly use it tho, there are some stunning shades in that box tho. Thats it really, craft related stuff on my desk, piles and piles of envelopes and papers lol.

I am off to colour whilst my baby snoozes love her heart, and hope to join in with Woyww a little more often.

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Victoria said...

mmm yankee candles - love the clean linen ones. Your space looks pretty tidy to me lovely!

Wipso said...

Enjoy your few minutes to yourself while the little one snoozes. :-)
A x

DottyA Cards & Things said...

OMG! No I don't see the candles... and I really looked too.
I know you know were everything is, I hope!! :)
Great place to have Great ideas!!!
Thanks for sharing!

Andria said...

You have quite a tower of supplies to "play" with! Happy WOYWW!

Fuchsia said...

You are a busy Bee LOL
as usual !!

Vicky said...

Thanks for sharing your desk full of loveliness. I've never tried yankee candles, must give them a try. Happy Wednesday! :)

Mandi said...

Where's the cola cubes lol

super creative desk

mandi x

Anonymous said...

Hello, hello Joey, nice to have you back! So spill the beans, where do you craft now? Did you get a room for yourself in this new house or not? Sorry to hear about the DT for PB but you just can't do everything! Hope the baby snoozed for a while so you could get some stuff done.


Julia Dunnit said...

Hey Joey - good to see ya! I know what you mean about the bending, I don't keep anything on the floor. I have no Yankee favourite..can't say I've ever smelled even one!!

Lisa-Jane said...

Looks like there is a lot of stuff to play with there! I love your cards by the way and I hope you got plenty of grown up colouring done while your little one slept x

Mel X said...

Oohh I love yankee candles, esp the fruity ones! I just treat myself to brand new storage from Ikea - only thing is I keep looking at it and smiling - don't wanna mess it up rofl.

Take care hunny.

Mel X

NormaJean said...

Hi Joey, Love the desk, how you liking your new place?

Hugs Norma

Gloria said...

Hi Joey. Looks great. Lot of things to select from and be creative. I like it. Thanks for sharing.

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I looked for the Yankee candles but didn't see them on your desk. Did you hide them? One thing I didn't remember was all those rubber stamps in that cube in your desk.

Hope you had a great WOYWW and you have now had a chance to check out my tutorial I forgot to name.

okienurse said...

awesome looking desk. I love Yankee candles but started buying them cause they don't have lead in the wicks rather then for the scent now I love all the fresher smells. Thanks for sharing. Vickie

JoZart said...

Hi Joey! New house? well I hope it will be a happy creative home for you.
I love the cotton Yankee candle but nowadays in England I find it hard to track down. Don't go for fruity ones as they make me want to EAT!!
JoZarty x

Spyder said...

It's not quite the same but yes,it still looks like your craftness! Have been in a Yankee Candle shop, can't remember when or where..(I might have dreamt it!)it all smelt the same, it was very very strong scent!!Thanks for my snoop!! HaPpY VeRy LatE WoYwW!
((Lyn)) #30

Sue from Oregon said...

I must manage to cram a lot of goodies into a small area! Happy late WOYWW!