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Saturday, 21 May 2011

A Passing Hello

Hiya Chickadees, Hope you are all keeping well, gosh I am proper missing you all!!!
The move went fine and we are slowly begining to sort through the mountains of boxes, My inspiration is gone, packed in a box, left at the flat I dunno, but I am struggling massively.
Just brought lappie to my father in laws and connected to his net to download a dt email as its been driving me nuts knowing its there and I couldnt access it argh, but its all good now I can go home and print! yay! so I hope that gives the inspitation a boost
I am going to love you and leave you, SKY is not a good word in our house just now! they still didnt put the new order through so I am still waiting, and then its 3 weeks from the new order date WOW, the air was most deffo BLUE! rofl
Have a lovely weekend, I will check in with you all as soon as I can!!!
Lots of Love


Mags said...

Oh how frustrating it must be! I'd heard Sky were inefficient, but this is ridiculous! Good luck, and keep smiling!

luv, Mags x

Tab said...

Hey sweetie, glad the move went ok, but sorry Mr Mojo has gone into hiding, pesky thing....I am sure once the boxes are unpacked and the craft stuff is out he will return with his tail between his legs LOL......hugs to you and your sweet family!
Tab x

Lynda said...

It sounds like patience is the name of the game at the moment Joey - you'll get there!

Love Lynda xxx

pinky said...

Ah never worry your hands will be full with all the settling jobs. Best wishes in your new home Joey.

Keep It Sweet and Simple said...

Hi Joey,
glad to hear that the move went well.
Once you are settled your mojo will be back :-))
Caroline xxx

nessy said...

hope you are back soon joey!!
hugs vanessa xx

Anonymous said...

Hi Joey, great to hear from you, glad your move went well! I'm sure your inspiration will come flooding back soon!
Helen x

Lee said...

Ooooh hun,i'v been wondering how you all are.So good to hear from you.Let me know yer addy so i can send a card.Take care.Lots of love n huggles.xxxx

Sue said...

Hi ya hun
aww lovely to see you so miss you here n seeing ya gorgeous creations, took ya long enough to think of that hun! lol, hope you back soon, sue,xx

Kylie said...

Glad you're still with us Joey! lol. I'm about to jump into boxes myself and quite scared of putting my crafting goodies into a dark box! Glad it all went well. Don't worry, you're inspiration is there waiting to jump out at you and onto some paper!

Take care, hugs, Kylie xo

Vicky said...

Hi sweetie hope you manage to unpack your mojo soon & hope you do finally get sky in I think we would be lost without it well the hubby & kids should I say lol. Altho I would miss sky one for the simpsons lol.
Take care sweetie hope you get sorted soon.

Lotsa hugs Vicky xxx

KraftyKoolKat said...

Glad the move went okay hunni but sorry to hear about how you are being treated by SKY. Hope it gets sorted and you are back with us soon.


Fliss said...

Missing You...!!!
Huggz Fliss

Mary J said...

Hi Joey! Hope you are ok - look forward to your return!!