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Monday, 19 July 2010

Happy Birthday :O)

Hiya everyone I hope you are well I have nothing to show you today sadly, sorry!!! I am working on Dt stuff and Christmas Cards
Me " Syd are you making your Christmas Cards this year?"
Syd "NO you are"
Me "sigh"
Syd "I want this image" (waving a lotv one at me)
Me "sigh, good job its easy to colour eh"
I now also have a HUGE fight on my hands as our Lea have refused to assess Niall Grrrrr is probably the strongest word I can use on my blog lol, but you could probably guess my thoughts, I have made a few calls today and I know what I have gotta do I just hope the people around me meaning School will help!!! If anyone has any knowledge they think may help me please drop me an email I would be so grateful!!!
Anyways July 19th is Birthday Madness!!! Happy Birthday to my Mum, My Cousin, and few friends and the reason I nipped in to wish my Bestest Boss the most lovely Paula a Fantabulous Happy Birthday I hope it is filled with much Happiness Hun :O) Drop over to Paulas Blog to leave some Birthday Love :O)
Hope to have something to show you soon x x x

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