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Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Hello Everyone

I hope you are all well :O), I just wanted to pop in really and let you know that Nialls assessment went as well as it could do, and that he has a diagnosis of Autism. We were expecting it so we are ok about everything, Its all about making things as easy as possible for him now, so we are working on stragies for him and educating ourselves at the same time, its a long lifetime road ahead for us but with each other we will all be just perfect :O)
Sooooo as yet this week, no cards from me, I do hope to find some me time somewhere soon, I do still owe some Birthday Thanks please bear with


karen said...

Ooooh hunni at least now you have a definate diagnosis and you can concentrate on the road ahead.
I know it's hard but please don't forget to take some time for yourself and don't forget that I'm always here if you fancy a chat.
My love and best wishes to you all

Anonymous said...

Oh sweetie, I'm praying for you and your family!! HUGS

Danielle said...

I'm glad to hear Niall's assessment went well. I really hope & pray everything becomes easier for you soon now that you know what you're working with. And remember, God never gives us anything that we can't cope with! Many blessings to you and the family Joey.
Hugs, Danielle

Mandy said...

Hi Joey,
Sorry your week is not the glad that Nialls assessment went well..but with time, patience and understanding things will get better..but most of all he has you.I have a friend with a son,Daniel who also has Autism he is 16 now and the most beautiful boy sorry young man..hope you find some me time..
Take care and Hugs to you all

Mandy xx

Tasha said...

Hey Joey, Im so pleased you have finally got a diagnosis - i know its not always good to label people but i think if it means that Nialls life is made a little easier then that is brilliant
love tasha xx

pinky said...

Well I am sure you are both relieved to at least have Niall diagnosed properly and it can only lead to helping everyone cope with the situation better. Hugs to you all.

Mandi said...

Don't know much about Autism Joey, but, there are different straints, so lets hope Nialls isnt too bad. In any case im sure you will work through it...wishing you all well with it

hugs x

Ruthie said...

Hiya Joey - at least you have the formal diagnosis now and can start getting on with life - all the best to you all - you sound like you will do just fine!


Nicks said...

Glad you have a proper diagnosis at long last, and with your attitude you will of course be just perfect xx

BA said...

Hi Joey
I wish all teh best for you all and many craft
I send you big hugs
xoxo BA

Lisa Foster said...

I'm thinking of you & keeping you and your family in my prayers! Keep up your wonderful positive attitude!
Big Hugs,

June Nelson said...

Hi Joey, pleased at last you have a diagnosis, im sure with you as a mum everything will be fine your brilliant, thinking of you all huggies June x

Sue said...

Hi Hun
glad the assesment went well, now you know what you are dealing with, n the reason Niall is Niall. Maybe now you will get a bit more help for him. You will all be fine hun of that im sure, label doesnt change a thing to me Niall is NIall luv him. sue.xx

Sue from Oregon said...

Joey, I have a good friend that has 2 autistic sons. She has done a lot of early intervention, diet changes etc. I can put you in contact should you be interested. Good Luck

Kim Piggott said...

Hi Joey,
So glad everything went well for Nialls assessment sweetie. He is so lucky to have such a wonderful family behind him. We are all here for you Joey.
kim x


Good morning Joey, so sorry its been a while since i visited, its hectic this end as always. I am pleased you are getting somewhere with Niall. You will now get the help you need which is great news. I hope you are well and getting as much rest as possible with 2 children! i love the designs you have on here, the last card was gorgeous as are the other ones since i visited last. I hope to get round to emailing you soon. Hugs Linda x

Ila said...

It's always good thing to know where your you can deal with it. With such a loving family behind him,I'm sure he'll do well...Sending up thoughts and prayers for you and your family.. Hugs,Ila

Lil Daffodil said...

Hi Joey,
I am glad you are taking a positive view on things. Love in a family can surmount any barriers and you sound as though you have that in abundance. Will have you in my thoughts and prayers.
Fiona x

CraftyC said...

Hi Joey, You know where I am if you need me. You'll find it a great relief you have had the diagnosis and learn to adapt. Things are so much easier now we understand Daniels Autism. Take advantage that you can probably claim disability allowance for him, no one told us and he now gets the benefit. If I can help or advise in any way, let me know

Jo said...

Oh Joey, at least you know now for sure and can plan ahead to get the best of everything that is available for your little man. Things progress all the time and he is still only young and he has a fantastic family to support him. Hugs Jo x

Jane said...

Oh Joey, thinking of you and your family hun. You sound like you have a fantastic attitude which can only serve to help you all and Niall bless him. ((hugs)) Jane xx

KraftyKoolKat said...

Sorry to hear this news Joey but at least you can now move on and hopefully get some help for all of you. Cathy xxxxx