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Sunday, 27 September 2009

Hi Ladies

Hi everyone I hope you are all well, sorry for my extreme lack of visiting and blogging this past week, gees I have had so much going on!!! I just wanted to let you know that there is another fantastic Winter Wonderland Challenge out today and the team have really showcased gorgeous creations, due to my busy week I havent had a chance to do anything slap those legs!!!
As some of you may know we have been waiting for an appt for my son, to see if he is on the Autistic Spectrum, well for some unknown reason I am not moaning :O) we had a lady visit us a home last week and she has moved his final assessment to the 21st October :O) YAY. We went through a lot of things in detail and she told us we will get a diagnosis that day and that he is on the spectrum somewhere. Oh the sheer relief that we are not going mad, the fact that in all the 5 years he has been here, every hard moment has been for a reason, and the fact we can now get him the help he needs is just too much to digest!. I cannot begin to describe the relief, I know we have to wait until that day when they say "blah" but him having a "label" will make things so much easier. There have been many bloggers who have emailed me or laid themselves open for me to email in relation to Autism and I thank each one of you for your support :O) I will let you know the outcome.
Hope you have a lovely Sunday, I have so much to do eeek, hoping to get a card made in the next few


Tab said...

Awww sweetie, I am so pleased to hear your news, it must be such a relief! I shall keep everything crossed for the 21st for you, sweetie! Take care of yourself, hun!
Hugs Tab xxx

Lorraine A said...

Hi Joey ;-) Oh that is a relief ,, to know that at last you will be able to get the help he needs :-) Some friends of mine have a son with autism and I know what an uphill struggle it has been for them to get help and he is a GP with all the connections !
wishing you all the very best x x x
Lols x x x

pinky said...

It is so frustrating for all concerned when they keep delaying these things. I worked with kids on the autism spectrum at school a few years back and it was terrible the lack of help and support even the school can get till they are diagnosed properly. This is all good news and everything will finally get sorted. Well done you.
Hugs Pinky

Lyndsey Marie said...

Hi Joey, great news on your appointment hope all goes well for you. It must be a huge relief you you now and I hope you receive all the help you need.
Lyndsey xx

Kim Piggott said...

So glad that you are finally getting somewhere Joey this is great news!
kim x

Biscuitlid said...

oh Joey,
I didn't know, I'm glad that you have a date though and can begin to digest what you need to know and get your son the right support and help. Your emotions must be all over the place as well hun.

Big hugs


♥ Lydia ♥ said...

Oh good luck with that Joey. My eldest DD (now 19) is/was ADHD and I remember well the tears at the time of diagnosis. No-one 'wants' to be told there's a problem with their child, but the relief that diagnosis like this brings is unbelieveable x It doesn't change anything, but as you say, to know it's all happening for a reason makes it that bit easier to cope with xx
Sending luv 'n' hugs xx