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Saturday, 15 August 2009

Awards, Awards, Awards

Hi Everyone, OMG it is a wonder anyone passes Awards onto me with my severe lack of posting them as I get them I am so SORRY to all of these ladies as it has taken me so long, and sorry to anyone else if you have passed an Award to me and I havent blogged it here.
Naughty un-derserving blogger!!!

This Award I recieved from the lovely Cheryl and Sarah Thankyou both so very much it does mean alot to recieve awards especially ones based on Friendship :O) xxx Check out these ladies amazing blogs!!!

I recieved this Award from the very lovely Sue Thankyou so very much Hun I am really chuffed to have recived this from you :O) Check out Sues fantastic blog!!!

I recieved this award from my wonderful friend Pascale :O) Thankyou so much for thinking of me hun, I am so chuffed to get this from you, and thankyou for your kind words :O) Love ya xxx Check out Pascales super duper amazing blog!!!

Now I am going to be even naughtier is that possible, and not pass these on directly, but to pass them onto everyone that has contunied to support me, even though I have been a very bad blogger these last few months, I am slowly trying to change that again, your friendship and support means heaps to me :O) and I am grateful to you

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nessy said...

congrats on your awards!!
vanessa xx
(another naughty blogger)he he