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Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Creative Card Crew - Ribbons

Hi everyone, Just a quicky post to say that it is time for another fab challenge over on the creative card crew this week the theme is ribbons :O) I have sat this one out a massive thankyou to all my fellow DT for understanding, please check out their awesome creations :O)

Cream crackers seem to be helping a little, so I have stocked up on those, and finally I can drink something other than water so have stocked up on pure orange juice :O) I was getting mighty bored with water all day everyday!. I have my appt this evening with my pregnancy stop smoking advisor not really sure what she will say as I have stopped but I am adamant I will stay stopped so best just to go anyway. I am still in shock at the ease of it, in 12 years this is the first time I have stopped and not shed any tears, or stress over it, amazing! I dont want to count my chickens just yet and I really dont want to blow my own trumpet and say I am proud of myself but I so AM! proud that is, I think Mart is too :O)

I so hope to get something crafty made this week, I havent made anything for ages! each time I try to it just doesnt work that way, all this sickness has taken its toll, but I dont want to get into the habit of not making anything.

I also hope to have a good blog hop soon, so very sorry for not visiting you all, I used to smoke so much when blog hopping that I think that is part of the reason I havent been doing as much too but I need to get used to it so shall catch up soon.

Thanks for stopping


KraftyKoolKat said...

Ah bless you are doing well hun. Keep up the good work. Glad you are on something more than water. Cathy xxxx

Mooneybeams said...

Well done on stopping smoking! Wish I could kick the dreaded habit too, and I am determined to! Have given up once for 3 months, once for 6 months and once for 11 months, so I reckon the next time is the charm!

Keep strong and be proud of yourself - very good job!

Sheila said...

Good girl Joey on giving up the dread cigs.. I've been stopped 4 years this year.... well done you hun keep up.
Sheila xx

pinky said...

Well done on stopping smoking! Excellent, your baby with thank you! Glad the cream crackers are working, take it easy, it will all ease soon.

Pascale said...

Hi hun hope you feeling better soon!! Should pass by about 16 weeks. I hope to see your fantabulous creations back soon missing the inspiration already. Take it easy and when you feelin better must catch up for another hot chocolate and chat. Coffee made me heave with me morning sickness so may have to rethink where we will meet, hugs Pascale

Danielle said...

Glad to hear you're feeling a little better Joey! You should be VERY proud of yourself for not smoking and quitting - I am proud for you too!! I will keep you in my prayers that everything continues to go well!
Hugs, Danielle

helen said...

well done hon i'm proud of you too, stay possitive you've got this far, you can do it, if i can do it anyone can and i've been off them nearly 3 years now and would never go back.
take it one day at a time, the days will soon mount up into weeks and before you know it baby will be here
helen x

Tasha said...

Hey hun im so proud of you too - thats an awesome achievement and a great thing to do for your baby!

I have some happy new for you - i received the gojuss girl set 3 today and am currently in the process of stamping you a bundle!

Hey no worried about CCC - we are a team and if you need time you take it
big hugs
love tasha xx

Sue said...

Hi Hun
glad the crackers are working, n ya feel a little better, very proud of you with ya cigs, big pat on the back.Think thats why ive not hopped much or made cards!!! Chat later i hope? sue.XX

nessy said...

oh joey the sickness is just so bad ~i rememeber with lewis i was just so sick for 4 months,day and night~but just think ~ when that bit is over you can bloom!!
vanessa xx

Lorraine A said...

:-) I am happy that you've stopped smoking, you and Sue should be so proud of yourselves :-) There is NOTHING worse than a pregnant woman smoking :-) I would say that tho eh !! :-) My job !! :-) You and Sue could make your own little stop smoking club :-)
Leave your crafty area alone for a while Joey,, don't worry about it,,, theres not many things worse than morning sickness so allow yourself a rest,,, your talent will be there when you feel well enough :-)
Hope you feel better 1st week August !! Am treating you and Pascale to a nice pub lunch !! :-) You can drink water .... lol :-)

See you SOON !! :-) x x
Lols x x

Kim Piggott said...

You are doing a brilliant job Joey!
Take care.
kim x

Dawn said...

Way To GO Joey on the smoking front - hope you can keep it up - Think Positive....



Good morning Joey, glad you are taking it easy hunny you really must take care of yourself just now and crafting and blogging must take second place just now. I hope you feel more with it after the initial few months. Big hugs to you Linda x

Lesley said...

Congrats on Stopping smoking huni!!! i wish i had the will-power!!! aww the dreaded morning sickness!!! i feel for u huni!!!take care Luv n Hugs Lesley xxx

The Crafty Goat Girl said...

Well done hun, keep it up! I have never smoked, don't know what I would do if I had to give up chocolate, it would kill me, lol! Glad your sickness is getting a bit better, big hugs Heidi xx

Anonymous said...

Hope you feel better really soon!! HUGS