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Friday, 12 June 2009

Time to say Goodbye

Hi everyone I hope you are all well :O) I thought I would let you say Goodbye to these two beautiful Kittys, 8 weeks has flown by so quickly, and tonight they are off to live in their new home. I am not sad as I knew this was coming and I know they will be so spoiled with love.
Lilly and Daisy :O)

DaisyI am sure they wont be looking back once they have gone lol. I know I shall miss them running around the house will be so quiet tonight with just two left. I know Sarah will enjoy them as much as we have, and I know that we will enjoy Scoopy and Dude very much too :O)

Should be back later with a card.Thanks for stopping by.x


daisy said...

wel goodby, lovely little ones! have a nice life with you'r new owners


Littlebear said...

Good Luck Lilly and Daisy! Those 8 weeks have just flown by.
Clare x

Katie-Louise Oakley said...

How cute are they! :) xx

Tasha said...

Joey how can you do this to me .....your making me want a kitten now lol! Lilly looks like she was born to do cat modelling she has the pose down to a tee!
AH super cute and they look so content - you have done a wonderful job looking after them.
love tasha xx

Nunt said...

*takes a deep breath*


To be honest we are contemplating on adopting an older cat after we move at the end of the month - neither of us could stand the energy of a kitten :D


Hazel (Didos) said...

Gosh how they are growing, I'm sure they will love being in their new home. Love Hazel xox

Jennifer said...

They have grown so quickly! I hope they have a wonderful life and lots of love with their new family.
Jen x

FionaJ said...

ahhh these two are so sweet, and adorable, makes me want another, but having two 16 year cats is enough at the mo, feel my two bruisers would bully a new kitty, hope they enjoy their new home

Cheryl Joshua said...

Oh they are so cute and gorgeous photos!!!
Hugs xx

helen said...

awww they are adorable hon, you will miss them and the havoc lol
helen x

Sue said...

aww bye bye kittys, they will be spoiled hun goin to good home, will seem very quiet for you 2nite eh. sue.x

scrappyjan said...

they are 8 weeks ALREADY?????????? WOW!! Where has the time gone???

I wish those little cuties were on there way to my house. janny

julietk said...

Great photos, bye kitties :-)

sassy said...

tata...ickle kitties sob go and have a happy healthy life full of love and cuddles...just look at them enough to melt the hardest of hearts......hugs sassyxxx

Shelly said...

Ahhh, they are just so adorable! I'm sure they'll have lots of love in their new home! Who couldn't love them :)

Kim Piggott said...

Oh Joey I am feeling sad that they are going!
I really loved their little story so far in this world. Bye Lilly, bye Daisy have a wonderful life!
kim x

Danni said...

Hugs....thank you for sharing these precious kittens with us..

Avril Ann said...

Bye, Bye, Lilly and Daisy, may you enjoy your new home and grow to be happy, loving Cats, you have had such a loving beginning, how can you fail.....will miss seeing you....ickle,tickle,behind the ears...Hugs Avril xxx

Sarah K said...

Thanks Jo but its not so quiet here, Lilly and Daisy are doing fine and having lotz of cuddles. x

Lorraine A said...

OOhh what beautiful photo's ! gorgeous kittens :-) It is so nice to know that they are going to such a lovely home :-) I know you must be feeling upset at them going but know that they will be loved and that you gave them the best start in life :-)

Lorraine x x x

Dawn said...

Awwww Joey you have done such a great job with them - they are just gorgeous with such beautiful markings.. makes me want another kitten.... oh dear!!

Thanks for sharing in their kittiness!!!!LOL


Jodi said...

Oh, I am so saddened that they have to leave us. They are just too cute for words. I will miss them dearly!!
Jodi =)