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Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Update on the Kittens

Hi Everyone, Grandma Joey here with a report :O) lol

My beautiful little girl went on to have another 2 babies last night, I dont think there is anymore now, I could be so wrong but they all seem very peaceful, well for now lol the fun will soon begin

The most wonderous part is seeing Lucky giving them cuddles, they crawl up under her chin and it is so sweet, emotional really, I know I can be a soppy moo but aww I have never witnessed anything like it, my little Lucky is exhausted bless her

We had complications with number 3, and hubby managed to save him, we think hes a he, and my gosh I dont think my heart has raced so much in years, Number 4 was a little stuck so hubby assisted with that one two which we also think is a boy, I am so glad he dealt with it as I would have become an emotional panicky wreck I am just so thankful mother and babies are doing well and seem happy enough.

I have consulted the vet who said that she doesnt need to be checked as all is in order, odd I thought but I was extremely detailed with what I told them so I guess we shall see

Heres a few piccys

Number 1

Number 2

Number 3
Number 4

The most heartbreaking thing is knowing we have the next few months of fun and watching these babies grow and sadly there is no way I could keep them all, I just know the attachment is there, thats why they are called numbers for their names but that will be my biggest struggle to bring myself to part with them.

When she was only at 2 I thought ok no more I can keep 2 lol, but we live in the smallest 2 bed flat its not going to be fair to the kittys to keep them all

Thanks for all your wishes :O) Hope to be back with a card later, I made one for Friday Sketchers but bodged it right up grrrr so have to do another


Anesha said...

So happy that all four kittens are well. The are so adorable, wish I could have them but my Skipper would leave home if we got a kitten again.

Enjoy your time with them.
Hugs Anesha

helen said...

aww they are so cute glad mom and babeis are ok, i can understand why you not given them names its so easy to get attatched to them, they are adorable
helen x

daisy said...

hi joey

theye look stunning, love nr2! he ore she looks great!!! i had a cat onece, but i had to give here to my uncle becouse we were mooving, and we would be away from home a lot, so we couldn't do that to here!

love to see them grow up, please keep posting on them.


katy said...

Morning Grandma Joey :) good to hear they are all ok...awww it brings back fond memories...i know what you mean about wanting to keep them all, we made the mistake of naming one and it was soooo hard to part with fav out of the last litter went to a family member, that way i can see her again :) xx

Tab said...

Awww how sweet! Oh I would want to keep them all too, good plan not naming them, makes it a little easier for you hun when the time comes....but in the mean time enjoy your fluffy bundles, hee hee!
Hugs Tab xxx

Amanda's paper palace said...

They are gorgeous Joey what a proud grandma you must be lol.Glad that everything went well.hugs amanda xx

Lorraine A said...

Very cute piccy's Joey :-) I have 7 cats + another 2 strays that I feed, it's only a matter of time before they'll be joining the others in front of the heater !!! I have a dog too !!
All of them are neutered so NO chance of kittens !! :-)
Am sure you'll find lovely homes for them, Sue and Pascale will take at least one each !!! :-)

Hazel (Didos) said...

Hiya Grandma,
Ahhh they are soooo sweet. I would love a kitten again too but Jess seems much happier now that Tai has gone to heaven. She is 10 and I don't think it would be fair for her!! Grrrr.Glad Lucky is doing well, poor thing will be so sleepy today. Give them all a big hug from Me and Jess the Cat, Hazelxoxo

Kim Dellow said...

OMG OMG OMG OMG they are just so totally adorable I would love to adopt one! But we only have an ickle one-bed flat with no kitty cat-friendly outside access :(
Oh to have a bigger place with a garden!
Keep us updated so I can live the kitty dream vicariously. LOL. Kim

Sue said...

aww congratulations grandma & grandpa, ,lovely piccies i no what you mean about giving them up i wouldnt want to either hun, chat after coffee morn, sue.x

Andria said...

Aww Congratulations, it will break your heart when they leave home, I had to part with three. but you can vet the new owners and it will give you comfort knowing they'll go to good homes. I get regular photo and video updates of mine lol.

Dawn said...

Oh my goodnesss this is just amazing - What a great thing to seee!!!! I will never have that as my two are house cats and neutered!!! LOL
It must be so wonderful watching mum with them - I'd be up all night with them!!!
If I lived round your way I'd be right round like a rat up a drain pipe!!!! Tee Hee!!
Glad they are doing well and oh how hard will it be to part with them - I'd end up keeping them I just know it!!!


Lindsay Mason said...

They are all beautiful little miracles and you must be a very proud Grandma! We haven't had another kitty since we lost our beloved Cherry for years ago...she was just so special to us. They get under your skin don't they?! I shall keep poppig back for updates on their progress! Lindsay x

nessy said...

so sweet ~thankyou for sharing ~glad mum and babies are all fine
vanessa xx

Elaine Stark said...

They are all so cute, its hard to remain detatched from them. Elaine

sassy said...

aw bless..would love to adopt kitty she/ just like my baby have a matching set lol!!!but reackon jealous features wouldnt tolerate the attention and cuddles no 3 would have....she wants all the affection herself....i am sure they will thrive....give them a wee cuddle from us...hugs sassyxxxx

pinky said...

OMG they are so tiny, I'd be afraid to hold them. Lucky they have a granny like you lol.

Lauren said...

Aww they are soooo gorgeous. xx

Carole said...

Ahhhhhh...they are abolutely gorgeous! Glad mum and babies are doing well!
Carole x

Anonymous said...

OMG!! Those are the sweetest little things!! What's fun is when they start climbing around everywhere!! :)

Anonymous said...

to cute joey.. Hugs Rachxx

Danni said...

So tiny and precious. Love them while they're yours.....

Kim Piggott said...

Joey they are adorable!
Thank you so much for sharing!
kim x

Lyndsey Marie said...

Awwwww how gorgoeus are they, I wished I lived nearer would have one off you.
Lyndsey xx

cats whiskers said...

Oh Grandma these are gorgeous, I know what you mean about getting attached though, giving them numbers dosn't help I always call my sons by numbers not to the face you understand only when I talk abot them, but I get all the names muddled up and with another 6 grandsons there is just so many names to get muddled so I have resorte to numbers he1he!, but I still love them to death
Hugs to you and the kitties
Jacqui x

Nicola said...

Awe what little darlings, pleased mother and babies are doing well. Congratulations Grandma. -x-