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Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Papertake Weekly + Advice Please :O)

Hiya everyone, I hope you are all well. Its a lovely sunny day but I am so cold :O( Its my hubbys birthday today, we arent doing anything special today except kitten watching Lol

I have made a card for the Papertake Weekly Challenge, which is a lovely sketch from Dawny, I kept looking at mine thinking it was to different, the greeting I couldnt fit inside the image panel so had to stick it slightly out, so I fully understand if it cannot be counted :O)
I just love this image! I do love Owls on cards, and dont have many think I may start collecting them, I cant put my finger on why, but as soon as I see a card with an Owl on it, I love it lol

I coloured the image with promarkers and copic ciaos, and outlined it with Lavendar promarker, I then rubbed chalk all over it, I decoupaged all three Owls, then decoupaged the midddle Owl on vellum and curved either end of him, although that doesnt show so well.This image I got at ally pally from the Simply stamps stand, Iwill have to get the details for it later sorry, the rest of the card is pretty plain, DCWV cardstock, some ribbon, pearls and punched leaves.

Thanks for

A lot of people have asked me to keep posting about the kittens, I didnt want to bore people with them all the time lol, but I will keep giving you regular updates. I just wanted to ask your advice as I dont seem to be getting far with the vets.

This morning we got up to mum and 3 kittens, panic kicked in, and we found the 4th under the sofa. Lucky has just taken to picking them up and moving them all around, is this normal? also she has become not distant but almost as if she cannot be bothered, I know she has been through alot with giving birth but the only time shes intrested in sitting in the box with the kittens is when we sit beside her too. She keeps running around and wanting to go out to Max our male cat, who we have kept away. He managed to get into the room today and Lucky took two babies behind the sofa to Max, he decided he was going to get a bit frisky with Lucky and we immediately removed him so argh any advice greatly greatly recieved :O) I shall leave you with a couple of piccys
This is mini-max he was number 4

and this is number 3, it made me laugh when I took this piccy as he turned his head to face the camera lol

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Amanda's paper palace said...

Hi Joey i love owls this card!
Is it her first litter,she just may not be very maternal?My mum's dog rejected her pups and she had to feed them herself.Not sure why she's moving them around?The vet should be more helpful than that!
They look healthy enough anyway...sooooo cute! :)Love it when they start getting into mischief lol
hugs amanda xx

sassy said...

gorgeously stunning card,,,and it wont bore me reading about these bundles of is as far as im aware that mums will move them as it keeps them safe..althoug she is in safe hands i think its instic that makes her overlly protective and moving them seems the trait ..even in big cats families........and as a new mum shes bound to be knackered..bless her and probably tired and a little confused ..i remeber me when i gave birth,,i was confused giving birth ,not to kittens i hasten to!!! but i hadnt much of a clue...and i didnt like leaving my baby anywhere...your company with her is her security...and she probably feels more contented having you with her and the babies.....give her a time out space too...after all shes not used to sharing her bed with little furry bums she will love them and comfort them and by heck thell soon scream for her when they need mum around...just wait till there fighting and playing much fun...and she gets fed up of their antics....just like kids .....happy days oh and th eother cat can prob sense a hormonal change...and she may well be now back in a fertile time...or just knows somethings different...inquisitive.. hugs sassyxxx cor reading this make i sound like flammin dr doolittle,...hhehhehehe
take no notice of my ramblings though....just trying to be supportive .......xxxxxxxxssassy

Nicola said...

Ooh these owls are adorable and so wonderfull coloured Joey - fab card hun. Sorry I can´t help re mum and the babies. Happy Birthday to hubby and have a wonderful day together. -x-

Mandi said...

OH Joey those iccle babies are too cute
I dont know about mummy pusses and their babies, I did always think they dont like humans handlong them but Im probably wrong lol

OH sorry great card hun xx

pinky said...

Love the card Joey, sorry can't help with the kittens, though does sound worrying.

Hazel (Didos) said...

Hi Joey, love teh card.
I would phone the vet for advice. She might just be tired. I think that cats can go back into season straight after giving birth so that might be why Max wants to "Play" with Lucky!
Hope all is other wise well. Hope your Hubby has a great Birthday.

Pascale said...

AMAZING CARD!!!!! your colouring is out of this world!!!!! I love your take on the sketch. Is she feeding the babies? I think if she is not feeding them then that is when you should worry. Try to keep her in a confined space with them. My cat we had as kids had kittens at a similar age and like Lucky lost interest but she fed them which was important. Hugs Pascale

Lisa Foster said...

Your card is beautiful, Joey! I love it! I love owls too!
As for the kittens...I think it is normal for the moms to move them, but I'm not sure why she doesn't want to lay with them. Watch out for your male, sometimes they try to injure the kittens (I have no idea why that is either.) I wish I knew more...hopefully someone else will know...Good Luck!!!
{{Hugs}} Lisa

Nilla said...

Wow this was the cutest I have ever seen, the kittens and the owls! thinks Nilla

Kim Dellow said...

Hi Joey, Lovely card, love the owls. Love the kitty piccies too, thank you! 'friad I can't offer advice - I can't remember what my cat was like after she had kittens but that was well over 25 years ago! Kim

Littlebear said...

I love this card, the owls are gorgeous and you have decoupaged them beautifully.
I can't be any help with your cat queries but I enjoy seeing your pictures of them. Thank you for sharing them with us.
Clare x

Anonymous said...

WOW!! What a gorgeous card hun!! Love the colors for sure!! The popped out owls are too cute!! :) Your little kitties are just too precious!!! TFS!

nessy said...

oh what a super cute card ~just love those owls ~gorgeous
vanessa xx

Jacilynn said...

Soo cute. These kitties are adorable. I don't own a cat, but as a kid, I remember our cat doing the same thing with her babies. Maybe it's the cat's version of Post Pardum Depression?????
Thanks for the update.

Elaine Stark said...

love the little owls and the colours you have used. The kitties are so cute, but sorry can't help. Elaine

Lorraine A said...

Lovely card Joey :-)I love owls too, the image is very cute !
Not sure about kittens, better with babies !! Think just try to keep her quiet maybe close her quietly in a room with her babies and not disturb and handle them too much, will email my vet friend to ask for advice :-)

Lorraine x

daisy said...

ohh joey

there are great, the card, and the kittens!!!!!! i so love seeing this sort of pics! makes me whanna have some kitens, but i'm never home, so cruel for the so no kitty's for me. i have know idea if that is normal, but don't theye do that so theye would be same, move them?

have a great day!


Sprytebyrd said...

I just love your owl card! I, too, have found myself loving cards with owls on them, but only cards. My Mom collects owls and has them all over her house! It's a nice collection, but I'll stick to putting them on paper! Love the colors you chose!
As for the kittens, they're awfully cute.. but I've never had newborn animals other than newly hatched birds, so I'm not much help! Good Luck!

Sue said...

Hi Hun
oh this owl looks stunnin glad ya got him, gorgeous colouring, beautiful card.
Ask mr google hes quite good if the vet isnt much help, maybe like in the wild keep them on the move?? Keep max locked in that bathroom hun, they is well cute though! sue.x

Sandra said...

Great interpretation of the sketch. Love the owls too... they are so cute.
Your kittens are so dinky... how sweet :o)
Hope they are all ok.
Sandra xx

Riet said...

What a beautiful card Joey,l love the image.

Hugs Riet.x

Dawn said...


Wow that is a fantstic cute stamp!!
The colouring is gorgeous!

And the kittens are just wonderful!

Have sent you an E-mail!!


Donna said...

Beautiful card and kittens Joey, sounds like you have had some good advice so far :) Donna x

Emma said...

Hi Joey
Gorgeous card, love the owls and sentiment.
How cute are your kitties... adorable.
Emma x

Sharon Caudle said...

Oh gosh Joey, your card is fantastic!!! Love those owls and your detailing on them! Awesome work! And your kitties are soooo CUTE!!!! Sorry, don't know what to tell you about them, so can't give any advice. Good luck and hope all goes well!

Kim Piggott said...

Joey love your card!
Your babies are so super cute!
Sorry can't help you I'm afraid but they are really looking good.
kim x

cats whiskers said...

Hi Hunny love those owls, aas for Lucky sweetie, if she is still feeding them I would leave well alone, but t mummy cats do hid the kittens just to keep them safe, even though she knows it is not necessary to hid them from you its just instinct. But just keep tabs that she is feeing them other wise its means a couple of weeks of sleepless night for you, they will need feeding every 2 hours with a little pippet, I bought up 6 of Thomasinas kittens like this, lucky she has been "Done" now. You can buy special kitten formula like baby milk that you have to make up with hot water, bt hopefully it will not come to that she is most probably just tired sweetie, think how you felt after giving birth to one !!!!!!!
always here if you need a chat Hugs Jacqui x

Tab said...

Hey sweetie, love your card, the owls are gorgeous, so sweet!

Sorry I'm not sure about cats, as I have only had dogs, and all males at totally useless me, hope that you get on ok, I would google like Sue, its amazing what info the net holds!
Hugs Tab xxx

Crafting Joanne said...

Gorgeous card hun, love them owls, so sweet.

Awww adorable kittie pics. As long as mum is feeding I wouldn't worry too much. My friend's cat had her first litter a few months ago, and she kept moving them around, so they borrowed our dog cage, which gave her an area to be with the babies, but she could get out when she wanted some time out. It's a good idea to not handle the little cuties too much for a while as I believe that can upset mum. And also a good idea to keep Max away as much as possible for a while. Hopefully all will settle in to a routine after a few days, she's a learning mum.

Joanne x

bumblebee creations said...

cute owl card !!!! My mom really does collect them!!! you should see them all-i don't htink she has room for many more!!! sorry i can't help with the kitty issues-I am allergic to kitties and to horses! : (

Jodi said...

Your card is so cute! I must say those kittens are adorable!! Very very cute!!
Jodi =)

Swaantje said...

..what a beautiful card, love that very cute image. Great work!


Madge said...

A great card, I love the image, so cute - brilliant xx

Liza said...

Your card is so lovely Joey and that shade of purple is just devine. Your little kittens look ever so cute but it sounds as though you have your hands full!!!

Liza x

Frankiesue said...

stunning card Joey, I have the same stamp and have never thought of using it with pastel colours.......

Louise Emma said...

Awww those kitekats are sooo cute!!! I miss my cat so much since he passed. I have no idea about how the mums treat the babies tho. Just enjoy them x Lovely card too, my mum adores owls xxx

Lyndsey Marie said...

Gorgoeus card, love the super cute image those little owls are just adorable. Love the piccys of the little kittys too, sorry I cant be any help in the matter though.
Lyndsey xx

Biscuitlid said...

Brilliant card, I think you've done the best I've seen at this sketch, you seem to have the layout spot on and gorgeous image too


Shary said...

Gorgeous card the owls really stand out well and they are beautifully coloured.

Aw the kitty pics are lovely!

Tasha said...

Joey i love that purple cardstock and those owls are awesome - they are so sweet and make a gorgeous card!
Your kittens are so tiny and so so cute
love tasha xx

steph said...

That's a lovely card Joey! Thanks for joining us for the PTW challenge! The kittens are sooooooo sweet! x