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Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Oh My Gosh

Huge Apologies to all who have stopped by these last few days, and for me not popping by and commenting, I lost my net connection :O(((((( I have tried well hubbie has so hard to get it reconnected, I blamed aol, I blamed sky, and when the phonecall was left to me I really kicked off to the poor lady at sky, it wasnt until 2 calls later we found aol to be the issue talk about fed up!!!!!!! So companies being companies I will have no broadband until monday grrrrrrr, so I am using my phone as a modem so longwinded, but my gosh nearly two whole days and I feel like I have lost the will, so forgive me for being a bit up and down with blogging until next week.

I was so chuffed to see I had won last weeks challenge at a spoonful of sugar wowee so happy :O) I managed to use my fil net to email them thankyou so much:O)

I hope to go on a blog hop now before something conks out from phone to comp


TeresaW said...

Oh, Joey, you poor thing. I would be lost completely without the net now-a-days.

Congratulations on winning the challenge and thank goodness for the sweet FiL for letting you pamper your addiction to challenges. Tee Hee

Rica said...

Oh Joey I do feel for you - I had a load of problems last year - it was horrendous - I felt something had been amputated (well it had - my computer from my hands and eyes and creative being)
Hang on in the girl - all will come well in the end.
Healing hugs (to your broadband connection as well as you) Heather xx

Happy Crafter said...

Oh Joey i know just how you feel,i had the same prob last year it drove me mad and you do feel like you've lost an arm or something, it makes me wonder what did we all do before the we got the net lol.
Hope it all gets sorted as fast as possible or sooner :)
Hugzz Val xxx
ps congrats on your win well done you :)

Dawn said...

Aww Joey I know how you feel - it's horrendous!


Pascale said...

I am with them and my computer is always crashing when I am trying to blog! GRRRR. Welcome back and heres to normal service resuming asap!!! Hugs Pascalex

Lorraine A said...

Sue told us all about yer probs ;-)
Well done on winning the challenge, will hop on over there now, I've never entered that one

hope your comp gets sorted soon, sooo annoying eh !!!

Kim Piggott said...

Joey frustrated or what!
I really feel for you hope things will get sorted out quickly for you.
Congratulations on your win!
kim x

cats whiskers said...

Oh poor you Joey, I wouldbe so lost without my internet connection, hope it is all cleared up soon hun. Miss you
Hugs Jacqui x

Mooneybeams said...

Aww- poor you! I hate it when the internet goes kerphooey! Watch out using the phone as a modem if you are plugging it into the 'puter though - I did it and it was EXPENSIVE!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about your computer!! Cant' live with them or without them!! :) TAke care!!