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Friday, 27 February 2009

How do you do a watermark ?????????????

Cor I have spent ages trying, and it is very! lol, any advice, tips, help please. Hitting the sack now. Nite Nite.


Chrissie said...

I think you need special software! I woud like to do it too! I may have to get someone to do one for me!
There's a little something for you on my Blog!

Liza said...

Hi Joey, I did mine using photoshop elements, but it is only a simple one..... just writing, no fancy flourishes or anything. What I did was click on file then new then blank file, and when the box pops up so you can select the size of file you want etc, at the bottom of this box you need to make the background transparent. You then get a new file with a checkered background to show that it is transparent, just write your watermark and save as a photoshop file so you can just drag and drop onto your images as often as you like. Hope this helps (and makes sense!!).

Liza x

Rach said...

Hi hun,
you might find this helpful.
click here
hugs rachxx

Rica said...

Hi Joey - what software have you got? I've got Paintshop Pro 8 and there is a tutorial on Inspirational telling you how to acheive a watermark with Paintshop.
Not that I've managed it yet. If I do I let you know. hugs Heather xx

Sue said...

oh hun its so easy!lol
I) get cup
2)fill wiv water
3)get paint brush
4) dip brush in water?
ya followin me??
then drag brush over rquired area you want watermarked!! So simple bet ya glad i ya friend eh!!!
Oh ya something on me blog for ya, luvs ya.xx

Jans stuff said...

Lovely cards joey well done xxx

TeresaW said...

I have used this site before very good but quite basic. I now use Pain.Net which is a free program that does layers. You upload your photo on one layer and the watermark that you have created on another layer. Position it and press the button to flatten the layers down into one and then save as a .jpg so you can blog it. I watermarked stuff for a while, but then couldn't be asked to continue. I thought that if I did, I would never end up blogging anything. Different for someone who is selling or on a DT though.

Oliva said...

Thank you Joey for asking this question! It seems nobody I know has been able to tell me how to do a watermark on a picture!
Thanks Rach for the link! Very helpful!