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Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Hi di Hi

Good evening all, I have been so busy, I thought I may get round to crafting tonight, but instead I sorted my cd collection, well when I say sorted, dusted really, its not been done for MONTHS!!!!!!!!! lol, so I just chucked the duster at himself and said your turn so he has to do his dvds, then sorted for another how ever many months.
We had parents evening tonight, I never have to worry over my daughter as I know shes too good to have the teacher tell me anything, what a dream child she is, and as always a perfect report back, I am so proud of her!!! :O) and my son had a good report back too despite everything else, he is fond of the teachers trousers lol, so proud happy mummy here :O)
I almost forgot to blog these, they were for the lovely Nicks who read my sighs at having to buy the full brownie uniform and sent me her daughters as she doesnt need it anymore yippee! thankyou so much Nicks so as a thankyou I had to get my altered box down off the shelf dust off the top and get to work lol:-
This one was for Georgina to say
This one was for Edward, my son drew the piccy and wrote Edwards name I was so proud of him for doing that
and this one was for Nicks, a bottle brooch, Nicks doesnt do cute!

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TeresaW said...

Well I think you have done something wrong there, I think that brooch is cute! But not as cute as your little darlings' drawings. You are making me quite broody. :D

Anonymous said...

These are `gorgeous` really `sweet`TFS
have a lovely Wednesday:)~X~

Kim Dellow said...

Oh so cute, what lovely works of art :) Kim

Clarky J said...

They look bril x Think I may be seeing Nicks on Thursday LOL

6 wacky women said...

Awww, such talent. These are adorable, Joey. Lots of little details to see.
They did a great job!!

Karen x

Sue said...

aww nicks will be chuffed to bits with that there bottley thingy? lol. Brill hun the piccies are lovely, n her ickle house. chat later hun.xxxx

bumblebee creations said...

how are so grand!!!