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Saturday, 7 February 2009

Ello' Ello' Ello'

This card is an order I was asked for, and its obviously for a "copper" lol, I didnt have a clue what I was doing when I started out but ended up with this, I so hope you like it??? lol. I went with the police vest and the puffy tissue paper is sleeves, but it did two jobs as it puffed the vest out so theres a true sort of dimension to it, I like it. Not 100% on the collar but no matter what I did it would not sit right, but it passes, I had to get the black and white sqaures in there somewhere lol, and the saying is personal to the recipient,"19 stone lost...warrant card gained" its a play on the weight he did lose to join the force. Just the inside to do now, but as thats going to be really personal I thought I wouldnt blog that anyway.Bless so here it is:- Sorry I just had to edit the pic to hide the personal stuff, so I hope you get the gist of it from this one.

Since I last posted a few hours ago, My daughters earache hasnt prevented her from moaning, and my son has the beginings of conjunctivitis eeek, something I usually suffer with, so off to get some drops in the morning what joy!.xxx


Tasha said...

Hey Joey this card is so awesome - its brilliant i love all the attention to detail, your client will be oh so happy.
Hope the wee ones start to get better soon, poor little things neither earache or conjunctivitus are nice to have especially when your small
love tasha xx

Crafting Joanne said...

Fantastic card Joey, I bet the recipient is going to be very happy recieving this. Joanne x

Lana said...

Thanks so much for visiting my blog ;0)
Your work is fab
Lana x

Chris said...

Such a creative card Joey, I think it's fantastic what you've come up with. Sorry the kiddies aren't well, hope the drops have helped. Chris x

cats whiskers said...

Hi Joey what a brilliant idea hun how inventive of you, hope you got some relief from the kids last night
Hugd Jacqui x

Bev said...

Joey this is just brilliant!! What a fab idea and the recipient is gong to be thrilled to bits

hugs Bev x

Sue said...

Dont know how you think your ideas up hun b....y brill, me.xx

Lyndsey Marie said...

Hi Joey, this is fab. You are so clever, love the 3 dimensional look of the card look great.
Lyndsey xx