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Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Teachers Gifts

Check! I can tick these off my list now too, only tags left yippee! I am so looking forward to making a few cards at some point today and not feel under any pressure, just simple happy crafting!.

Still very cold here, the heating doesnt seem to be wanting to warm the flat up, each time I walk past I click the up button, its got permission to soar! lol, but wont!.
Hubby just walked in with the post, Look what I got he says, me thinking it was something nice, A blimen parking fine £60 within 2 weeks, if I could have taken a picture of my face to show you I would have done! YES he is in the doghouse! for how long???? Hmmmmm I shall see how I feel!.

AWWWWW my sons nursery is not going to be in the nativity play, they have changed it this year GUTTED! I was so excited, still I have my daughters concert. I gave the kids their christmas cards last night, and my daughter was like "oh thats pretty" my son examined every part of the card, and because I have made sure I did the insides too, he was there checking everyones cards to see what they had lol.

anyway here they are, I love the way the pillow box photo has came out, so christmassy I do love those sort of light reflections, the tinsel ribbon I got from the 99p shop, bargain now as I think it looks great! They are all the same, colour co-ordinated to my daughters liking!

Have a great day everyone, thanks for looking.x


Anesha said...

these are wonderful! such lovely bright colours.

Wendy said...

What lovely gifts
Wendy x

Liza said...

These look gorgeous, really pretty and christmasy!

Liza x