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Thursday, 4 December 2008

The Biggest Ever Thankyou

To all the ladies from the just Christmas and Birthday Cards Challenge blog, I recieved my parcel not so long ago and I am so thrilled! Thankyou really doesnt seem enough! Oh WOW I really was not expecting so many goodies what a fabulous mystery prize! I am so chuffed I really am! Thankyou!.xxxxxxx
I took a piccy for the rest of blogland to see, how lucky am I! After many oooh look at that, look at this lol, I made you a card to say thankyou, I am working on the birthday and christmas ones a bit slow this week!!!

Just a card to say thankyou to you all.x

If that wasnt enough the postie also brought me a stack of images from Heidi, more ooohs and aaahs shall get yours done asap hun, thankyou for the gorgeous card too. huggies thankyou :O)

A VERY DELIGHTFUL MORNING FOR ME! I had a rather intense and teary conversation last night which put me on a bit of a downer this has really cheered my mood! ((((hugs))))

Dont forget to visit Katharinas blog for the advent calender today is day 4! I love it, the fact that we have a window to open each day! a big kid at heart! good luck to everybody today!

Yesterday as we picked up my son, the teacher came out and said, " I am sorry I couldnt take it off him, I didnt have the heart too, so he can take it home tonight" , so he wore it home, and round tescos, and it slept beside him last night,I kept hearing this tweeting, thinking wheres that coming from its the birdy on his shoulder, and blow me down if he didnt wear it back into school this morning, I kid you not! lol. I think he got away with being allowed to keep it for the night as they are so thrilled with how far he has come, and to be wearing a dress up costume and mixing with this sort of play is a fabulous achievement! Bless him, doesnt he just look the cutest scarecrow you have ever seen! And finally lol, I was tagged by Erin a while ago and forgot all about it, sorry Erin, I hope you dont mind if I put it on hold for a few more

Hopefully I will complete some challenge cards today, we are off to church tonight to see whether our daughter will be allowed onto the intense holy first communion programme, I really hope she is! Our priest does have a tendency to talk for britain any other time I wouldnt mind so much but its a school night and I am thinking if the meetings after the 7pm mass my babies wont be in bed till gone 10! I am hoping my mil can have them overnight and we dash down there at the crack of dawn to get them ready for school, neither copes with a lack of sleep, just like their mummy lol.

good gosh I have rambled! so sorry. be back later lol, with more cards and less speech hehe.x


The Crafty Goat Girl said...

Well done you! Lots and lots of new bits to play with. Glad you got my parcel. Your little scarecrow is so cute. When my eldest was little, she had a red wellie fettish and wore them solidly (even in bed) for days. May have just embarressed her now if she sees this, she is nearly 18 and may just kill me! ha ha. Enjoy your crafting bits, take care xxx

TeresaW said...

Oh, Joey, isn't he just the cutest scarecrow you ever did see? I don't think the birds (the feathered kind) would be very frightened of him at all, bless him.

I've already said congratulations on another message, but now I have to say well done you for being the winner. Such a lot of stuff!!!

Sue said...

Oh hun what a lot of lovely goodies you have there, lucky you n well done. OH Niall i could squish him he looks yummy,xxx.

Enjoy your eve hun n dont mention my name!!! lol. Hope syd gets on